Hops To The Hoop

Aside from Dennis Rodman, who flew out to get that ball, these two athletes also appear to have defied gravity. The photographer snapped this photo during the NCAA basketball tournament in 2015. This happened in a game between Boise State University and the University of Dayton. Through the dedication of the two athletes and the quick hands of the photographer, the image shows as if the guy in red is flying. It is safe to say that the credit should go to the photographer, thanks to his great talent. It is not every day that you can see a person flying through midair, and this photo is worth keeping.

Goals Eye View

Being a goalie is one of the major roles in many sports, such as hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. It also requires expert-level skills. This photo gives you a view of the puck looking at the goalie as he just missed it. This image was taken during the NHL game of the Vancouver Canucks versus the Columbus Blue Jackets. The goaltender who is in the photo is Sergei Bobrovsky, as he tried to reach back and block the shot. This part of the game is one of the most intense parts for the fans. The photographer must be standing in a perfect degree angle for him to get the shot.

Shark High-Five

This is one of the cutest photos in the history of both man and sea animals. A lot of people may know sharks as harmful and deadly. In this photo, you could see that the shark is giving the diver a high-five. The expression of the shark also tends to be relaxed and not agitated. “This particular shark I had encountered before. She is very laid-back, so I knew if I held my hand out, she would come over,” said diver, Eli Martinez. “At first, she was swimming straight towards me, but I didn’t expect her to turn at the last moment. She tapped my palm with her fin-like we were high-five-ing.” We just hope that they are covered with an insurance policy in case an emergency happens.

Wheelchair Skateboarding

This photo may teach you perseverance and dedication. The boy in the image is Aaron Fotheringham, who has been in his wheelchair since he was 8 years old. After he had witnessed his brother riding his BMX, he was encouraged to try some tricks in his wheelchair himself. After his dedication, the result can be seen in this photo. Aaron is now known as “Wheelz,” and is considered to be the best at his talent. He even made an investment and called his sport WCMX. Thankful to the photographer who took a snap of this moment, as it can be an inspiration to many.

Mid-Air Nap

This next image also shows strength and endurance. Pole vaulting yourself several feet into the air will take you months of training and requires significant investments of time and energy. This perfect timed photo of a woman catapulting her body into midair looks as if she is tired and ready for a nap. Obviously, she is not yawning nor does not feel sleepy, and the photographer just captured that expression of her face at the peak of her jump. Looking at this photo, it is easy to tell that this sport is hard, but for professionals like them, it may just be easy.

Hurdling Hard

Hurdling is one of the most complex events in track and field. Athletes show as if they are just jumping over a barrier easily. But this sport also requires a person to do some investment in practice time and discipline. This perfectly timed photo shows you the adrenalin and pressure that these athletes get into. If you look closely to the first woman, you can feel her pushing herself as she races neck to neck with the woman next to her. Basing on this photo the woman behind is more advanced than her. We just don’t know who won this close fight.

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