Photography Magic: Photographers Caught Perfectly Timed Photos That Makes You Doubt If It Is Real

This generation is so far the most privileged to have access to technology where they could capture priceless moments. Aside from taking awesome photos with a camera or even just a mobile phone, photography can also be learned through online classes. However, capturing a good photo needs to have great timing and artistry. Thus, being a photographer can sometimes be really challenging, especially when it comes to location, lighting, and motion. In this article, you can see perfectly timed photographs that even surprised the photographers themselves.

Ridin’ on Water

This image is not photoshopped, and your eyes do not play a trick on you. As you can see, captured in this image is the professional motorbike stunt rider, Robbie Maddison. It looks like he is riding a motorbike on the ocean as it was taken in a perfectly timed shot. Though it is quite impossible to have ocean water as flooring for a motorbike, the photographer was able to capture the perfect picture. But the story behind this amazing photo is that Maddison only wanted combine both of his passions: motorbiking and surfing. What you don’t see is the surfboard under the motorbike. Nevertheless, it still requires great talent to achieve this feat.

The Headless Gymnast

One of the sports that require discipline and great talent is gymnastics. You must have balance, flexibility, agility, strength, and endurance. Venezuelan gymnast, Katherine Coronel, here was captured during her eurythmics gymnastics routine. She showcased her flexibility and agility to the degree that she is headless in this photo. This only proves that a picture can tell a thousand words.

Parallel Player

Dennis Rodman is one of the most iconic and controversial ballers to play in the history of NBA. Many times, he appeared in the basketball court and shocked fans with his appearance. This image was snapped during a game in 1997, at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The perfectly timed photo shows that Rodman is levitating from the flooring and flying through the midair. The credit of this moment must have gone to Rodman’s reflexes and the photographer’s great timing.

A Rider’s Reflection

This captured moment is definitely one for the books. This perfect timing of the photographer shows as if the man is facing a mirror. It even seems to appear that the man is wakeboarding side by side with his twin. However, if you look closely, it is just his reflection on the crystal-clear water. This goes to show that the man has great discipline and balance, and the photographer also has incredible talent. The credit goes to a lot of aspects: nature, the photographer, and of course, the man himself.

Dad Saves The Day

Dads are known to be heroes, and this picture does show how a dad is indeed a hero to this little boy. The dad, Shaun Cunningham, took his son Landon to a father and son bond in a pre-season baseball game. This moment was reported to be an early birthday present for young Landon. Of course, they were both expecting to have fun, but an accident happened and was incredibly captured by a photographer. Danny Ortiz lost his grip on the bat while he was swinging pretty hard to the degree that it flew to the stands where the father and son were sitting. Thankfully, the great reflexes of the hero dad saved his son as it may have ended very badly.

Seismic Punch

Seeing this image could make you imagine that the forceful punch can even put a hole in the roofing of the arena. This happened in 2011, when professional fighter Lucian Bute had successfully defended his IBF super-middleweight title against his opponent Glen Johnson. The result of the fight went over to the judge’s decision and not a knockout, unlike what can you see on the photo. The photographer was able to capture what may seem to be a strong impact of the punch, combined with perfect timing, which explains the painful waves on the skin.

Tennis Ball Galaxy

This image is a beautiful example of perfectly timed photograph. The credit must have gone to science and of course the talented photographer behind this picture. This beautiful photo shows a tennis ball that looks like a galaxy from outer space. The wet tennis ball spun in midair, and the water coming off from the ball created a galaxy illusion in the photo. It’s captivating to see the water droplets create a resemblance to stars and planets.

Amazing Acrobatics

These talented ladies possessed strength, agility, balance, and discipline. The image was captured when the ladies are competing in the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Competition in 2010. Surely, the amount of training that these athletes have is quite exhausting. As the lady at the bottom looks glued to the flooring, her amount of strength and balance enabled the other two to climb on top of each other. To achieve such position, it definitely required proper training and discipline. Credits to the photographer who captured the magnificent efforts of these athletes.

The “Thank God Ledge”

This image is so breathtaking that when you take a look at it, it will probably give you an adrenaline rush. Alex Honnold, the man in the photo, is one of the greatest rock climbers in the world. This image shows that Honnold did one of the hardest climbs he or anyone has ever tried. We can only imagine what he has gone through, climbing up to the point where this photo was taken. Without any ropes, and just enough trust in the solid flooring, he was able to climb 2,500 feet to the “Thank God Ledge.” It is located in Yosemite Nation Park. For this image to be captured the photographer might have used a drone unless he was also up for some adrenaline rush.

Surfing A 100-Foot Wave

This photo is one of the most dangerous attempts a man could make. Garret McNamara, who is a professional surfer, had successfully broken the world record for riding the largest wave, which is around 100 feet. This image was taken when he was given the opportunity to surf the huge waves in Nazare, Portugal. Thanks to the quick hands of the photographer, he was able to capture this jawdropping moment. McNamara is known for always taking his sport to the next level as he’s also ridden a tsunami from the calving glaciers in Alaska. We just hope that he has good insurance for doing such dangerous things.

The Dancers With Many Arms

Now these women were captured with great timing, choreography, and discipline. For them to achieve this, they surely underwent meticulous training. These dancers portrayed the story of The Origin of Thousand Hands and Scroll Holding Guan Yin. They were able to achieve such amazing synchronicity that they were able to create an optical illusion showing the woman in front with multiple arms. The credit for this photo goes to the photographer as well as to the dancers’ undeniable skills.

Another Olympic Ring

The Olympic Rings are among the most iconic symbols worldwide. In this photo, you can see that nature took its course by trying to be involved in the Olympics too. The perfectly fit moon created a funny image to the degree that the Olympic symbol had its sixth ring. The amazing image was captured from the London Bridge during the Olympics in 2012. Thanks to the great eye and quick hands of the photographer, this image became one of the iconic images in Olympic history.

Living Life On The Edge

Matt Blank and Ian Flanders are among the famous base-jumping partners. Their extreme sport must have their insurance providers customize their policy for this sport is considered to be extremely dangerous. This photo was taken from a tribute to Ian Flanders done by his partner Matt Blank. In 2015, Flanders unfortunately passed away due to a parachute accident in Turkey. This photo is evidence that the two are really living life on the edge. Sad to know Blank won’t be able to jump off cliffs with his partner again.

Ice Skating Strength

This next picture also requires great discipline and training. The image shows that only one skater is mounted on the ice flooring, pouring a huge amount of strength and balance. The skating pair are Dmitry Sukhanov and Fiona Zaldua from Russia. They are both showcasing their talent in ice skating during the Ice Show in 2012 in Shanghai. This photo revealed that they both have incredible core strength and trust in each other in performing the captured stunt. The eye and talent of the photographer enabled us to see the discipline these ice skaters have.

Super Tall Synchronized Swimmer

This next image might give you some creeps and a lot of questions. The perfectly timed shot showcased an optical illusion of a swimmer who seemingly have extra-long legs. But if you will look into the image closely, it is actually two synchronized swimmers doing their routine. It’s so cool to see this image captured at a perfect time, to the degree that it created such illusion.

Hang Loose

This photo is also breath taking. The photographer enabled you to view what’s inside the wave or in this case, the surfer’s point of view. The surfer that has been photographed, also showed great talent as she surfs through the ocean flooring smoothly. To achieve this photo, both the photographer and the surfer showcased good talents. As can be seen in the background, nature also played a major role in this image. Now we’re wondering how the photographer went through this beautiful wave after taking this shot.

Icy Elegance

Another power ice skating duo is Max Trankov and Maria Mukhortova. Together they swiftly conquer the icy flooring with their great talents. These photos were taken during the European Figure Skating Championship in 2008. They went home with the silver medal and then went on to be the five-time Grand Prix Medalists. The photographer captured the pair at the peak of their routine, and the duo showed elegance and grace. It was such great timing for the photographer to capture this scene. Not all athletes can do this routine, and these only show the talent these two possess.

Glorious Victory

One of the most famous events in the sports world is the Super Bowl. Both fans and athletes prepare themselves before the massive event. For the football athletes, it is quite an honor to win the Super Bowl trophy, and to attain victory is a huge celebration. In this image, the photographer captured a raw reaction to a glorious victory. The photo shows the Denver Bronco’s cornerback Aqib Talib celebrating their triumph together with a cheerleader. This captured memory will forever be embedded to both athletes and fans alike.

Skating Royalty

No wonder photographers love to take pictures in the ice-skating rink. It goes to show that these athletes have displayed great elegance and grace with their sport. These two Russian athletes were photographed during the 2002 Winter Olympic games. The woman in the photo has shown elegance and poise despite her difficult position. The man also displayed a complicated pose that looks really hard for an ordinary person to do, especially on iced flooring. With their great discipline and undeniable talent, the power duo was able to win the Gold Medal in the said event.

Sporting Couple

Football is one of the most popular sports in America. There is no doubt that even college football gain a lot of fans or followers. Not only that these athletes are training hard for their sport, but they also balance it with their student life and achieving their college degree. You could always see the football arena being jampacked with people supporting their teams. This photo was taken during a college football game where the player has one of the most beautiful fans. We just hope that these two have a beautiful relationship together, as they both look good in this captured moment.


This photo broke the internet at the time it became popular. Some found it funny while others were amazed. Talking about perfectly timed photos, this image is one for the books. The position of the photographer perfectly captured the bronze statue looking as if he is the one who made the shot. Given the statue’s outstretched position, it’s funny how he takes credit for this shot. Apologies to the player that actually scored the point.

Speed Skaters

Speed skating is one of the extreme yet underrated sports. It is not that popular, and most people do not want to go to this competition during their day off unless they are true fans. What they do not know is that speed skating is also considered to be one of the hardest sports that require speed and balance. In this image, the photographer was able to capture the skaters at the 2015 World Cup Race in Erfurt, Germany. The blurred background goes to show that the skaters are at full speed. Research suggests that an average speed skater can move 59.23 km/h. They must have good insurance policies in case of accidents.

Cycling Splash

The annual mountain bike race called the Cape Epic took place in South Africa’s Western Cape. This competition requires proper training as the racers must be able to achieve more than 700 kilometers or 435 miles for just eight days. The race is open to all amateur riders as long as they race in teams of two. This photo was taken during the race, where the racers were separated by a short distance. The second member then splashes through a mud puddle following his teammate. The muddy flooring is one of the challenges in this race. The photographer has captured this action, and it came out beautifully.

Unedited Footage

This next photo is quite uncommon. While most reporters can be seen properly poised on-screen after learning it while getting their journalism degree, this reporter seems to have a twisted expression maybe because of adrenaline rush or excitement. The captured photo shows a reporter with a different game face. Nevertheless, the expression of this reporter is genuine and totally in the zone. We’re just not sure if this scene made the cut.

Hockey Fight

Hockey is also one of the famous sports that has a lot of followers. Some of the fans are not only waiting on which team to win but also want to see an exciting hockey fight. Just like in this photo, it can be seen that the players fighting with each other. This game is between the Calgary Flames and the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Scotiabank Saddledome, back in March 2015. Despite the fact that their standing on the icy flooring, it didn’t seem to bother them as they went on to reach out and fought one another. This game will never be forgotten, especially because a photographer snapped a photo of it.

The Sun Juggler

This photo is common nowadays especially in Instagram. The credit for this must definitely go to the photographer, the man in the image, and of course, Mr. Sun. It is possible for people to snap this type of photo nowadays given the availability of technology. However, you just have to ask for the cooperation of nature and the perfect degree of the subject. This image just proves that nature’s beauty can playfully team up with humanity. As you can see, the sunset gave a perfect black silhouette of the man. This image is just beautiful.

One With Water

Michael Phelps is one of the most famous athletes today. His swimming competition was considered to be one of the most watched sports event in the Olympics. Thus, there is no doubt that the photographers have their eyes on him. This image is also one of the perfectly timed photos. Some may find it creepy and weird, but for others, it is just amazing. It looks like Phelps and the swimming pool water are one. This takes a perfect degree angle and good speed for the photographer to capture. Really impressive!

Horse Riding Head Switch

This photo also broke the internet when it was first seen. With a glance, this photo might give you the thought of seeing a Hayagriva, but no. The mythical creature is still a myth. This photo is just an optical illusion. In the image, you could see a woman dressed in a traditional garb standing next to the horses. The photo may make deceive your eyes and see that the horse standing beside the woman, is actually the woman’s head. The horse might just want to be the center of the picture, and it can actually take credit for it as the image looks beautiful.

Diving Into Schools

This next photo proves that the ocean is indeed a mysterious place. In this image, you can see a school of fish circling around in front of the diver. The diver who is standing on the sand flooring at the bottom of the ocean is quite brave for posing in front of this massive school of fish. This position is known to be the sea creatures’ act of self-defense. They are most likely intimidated by the diver, as can be seen through their body language. They see the diver as a threat or intruder. Good thing the photographer captured this moment as quickly as he could.

Sky Diving Snap

This may be a normal shot for skydivers, but for those who have not yet experienced skydiving, this photo will give you a thrill. This amazing photo shows as if the clouds are his flooring. It looks amazing, but this will make your heart pump as the adrenaline rush is strong just by looking at this image. This requires incredible skills for the photographer while taking a photo after jumping off a plane and diving through the open skies. This is truly one for the books.