6 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Restaurant Receipts You Have to See to Believe

Some celebrities go all out when it comes to eating out. We have receipts from around the world to prove it. Trips to luxury pubs and restaurants are rare. Once you’ve ordered your dinner, a glass of highly-priced wine is out of the question.

It’s impossible to comprehend the lives of the wealthy and famous. Reading about celebrities’ opulent eating habits allows us to live through them. How wonderful would it be to stroll into an excellent restaurant? Imagine them getting steaks from beer-fed cows with their masseuses. You can buy whatever you want off the menu without checking the price. The ultra-wealthy show they know how to have a good time in the photos below. Their receipts range from modestly priced to ridiculous, with some nights out costing more than an investment house.

Justin Bieber’s $250 worth of snacks.

The Biebster knows his way around a dish. He and his entourage have a lengthy history of overspending on meals. In the year 2014, he spent $241 on movie theater snacks. He also spent $240 on a Mexican fast-food supper that same year. It includes 13 steak tacos, nine chicken tostadas, and ten water bottles in that sequence. Bieber’s most extravagant dining is $10,000 for Chinese takeout. Well, that is one way to splurge yourcredit card the Bieber way.

How Much Does Beyonce Spend on Nando’s Chicken?

Nando’s offers great peri-peri chicken in a Portuguese style. More importantly, Beyoncé is a fan. She purchased 48 chickens from an Essex restaurant after performing in the rain. It wasn’t all for her. After hauling sound equipment through the rain, she decided her entourage deserved a treat. But, Beyoncé isn’t the only celebrity who likes Nando’s chicken. There are claims that superstars have a special Nando’s black card to dine for free. But, given her investments, we are sure Beyoncé never takes advantage of this. Her receipt shows that she paid the entire amount of £1,444.10 in cash. We’re sure the delivery guy received a generous tip as well.

Kim rented Staples Center for an NBA-themed Birthday Bash for Kanye

Kim Kardashian looked elsewhere for her famous husband’s big day. After all, she couldn’t reserve Disneyland for her daughter’s birthday.

Kim surprised Kanye West with a birthday celebration at Staples Center. He invited several friends from the music industry and the NBA for a basketball game. The rental cost $110,000. John Legend sang Happy Birthday, while Justin Beiber was the MVP.  John Wall of the Washington Wizards was on the sidelines cheering. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were among the athletes who taped personal birthday messages.

The Laker Girls were present for Kanye’s birthday celebrations. They included a cake in the shape of the Larry O’Brien trophy. Credits to Kim for being such a good wife.

LeBron James could have bought a whole bar with this amount

LeBron James spent $170,000 on a single night in Vegas to consume 33 bottles of Cristal. We can’t imagine spending what little investment money we have left on a bottle of champagne. And that thing was massive. The restaurant manager said it took two servers to get to LeBron’s table. The 22 orders of Fiji water at $8 each are what gets us. Why order expensive spring water when you can drink from the tap? Bud Light is another option for extra flavor.

Jay-Z spent more money on drinks than you will in your whole life.

Jay-Z lived true to his lyrics, notably “huge Pimpin, spendin’ G’s.” The rapper spent more than $100,000 on dinner and beverages for his friends in only one evening, including an $11,000 tip.

Most of Jay Z’s buying spree occurred when he and his friends visited the Playroom. Jay-Z and his crew managed to get a $91,135 check (yep, you read that right) for 40 Ace of Spades Champagne bottles. If 40 bottles of champagne for six people seems excessive, it’s because he gave some of the bottles to other tables. Well, given his billionaire degree, it should not be surprising.

Another one for Nando’s Chicken

Drake took home the trophy for the best international male solo artist at the Brit Awards. He merits an unofficial second credit for producing the most British Instagram caption. His text told volumes about his love for Nando’s chicken.

Nando’s is more than a popular Portuguese chicken eatery; it has cult status. Drake stopped by a Nando’s after his show in Leeds. And he’s thought to have piled up a sizable bill. Drake reportedly spent £534.55 ($666) on chicken and sides at the restaurant. His order was so huge that it produced a backlog. Anyone for a cheeky Nando’s?