Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories That Can Be Yours Too!

Physical appearance is very important for celebrities, as it can directly affect the path of their career. A blemished face or plump figure can easily cost any actor or actress projects where he or she could have been otherwise cast.
Luckily, options for weight loss are now available, and some are even affordable. There are diet pills that promise results in as little as seven days, a surgery that commits to getting rid of excess body fat and the sagging skin post-weight loss, and diet meal plans that promote organic food over its oily, salty or MSG-filled alternatives. But some people still prefer the traditional way of diet and exercise because, for them, these investments will reap a healthy future.
Let’s find out which method is more popular among celebrities.


Anyone who claims not to love the iconic movie Bridget Jones’ Diary is definitely lying. She received her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Bridget Jones in this romantic comedy film. Her landing the part was controversial because she wasn’t overweight, nor was she British. Because of her passion for her craft, Renee Zellweger took on the challenge of gaining weight for the movie’s lead role.

Always giving her performances her all, she quickly worked on gaining the extra weight and learned the English accent with the help of a coach. Learning a few pounds was reasonably easy, but losing it again was not. After the success of the film, Zellweger made it her personal goal to get back in shape, as she put out her investments for a nutritionist. Thanks to her lean diet and vigorous exercise routines, She successfully regained her original weight. Zellweger not only won her old body back but the hearts of the movie-goers as well.