From Being Famous 60s & 70s & 80s Stars, See What These Artists Do Today


Kelly LeBrock surprised everyone when she appeared in the 1984 movie The Woman in Red with Gene Wilder. She has continuously appeared in TV series and films since then. However, amidst her fame, LeBrock suffered from substance abuse and drug addiction. LeBrock might be okay now to some degree. After her last appearance in the 2015 movie Hidden Chambers, she will return as Donna in a new film, Charlie Boy, out in December.

Returning to the film is not always an easy task for any celebrity – famous or not so famous. Actors and artists often become so nervous with their comebacks than they were on their first projects ever, probably because during their early years in show business, people weren’t expecting too much from them. With comebacks, it’s a bit different; aside from all the questions behind their hiatus, there is also the pressure and the previews whether or not they still have what it takes to be a star.