These Celebrities Look Exactly Like Their Parents

It is written in our biological makeup that our children will most likely get our physical attributes. However, we can say that some celebrities’ parent-offspring tandem took this to a whole new level, and the resemblance being said on the media could be considered as an understatement.

With that said, let’s take a look at some celebrity kids from whom you can instantly recognize their parents, and those who might look just a bit drifted off the gene pool. You’ll be surprised at how strong some of these celebrities’ genes flowed through their children, which makes it like seeing an illusion of our favorite celebrities in a different timeline whereas some of the celebrities’ grown up progeny will simply astonish you with a look into their eyes. Let’s get started.


Snoop Dogg is among the greatest rappers of all time. The talents he possessed in rapping are extraordinary, and that is obvious. His son Cordell Broadus has his own ways of making his name well-known. He is a great football player, so it saddened many people when he left the UCLA football program. This decision was not easy, but the rapper’s son decided to pursue his acting career first.

Cordell still plans to finish his college degree at UCLA eventually, but right now his passion lies in enhancing his acting skills. The father and son are lookalikes, and they have a documentary series that shows their lives outside the entertainment industry entitled Snoop & Son. They have such a great relationship that no matter what decisions Cordell makes, Snoop will support him fully. Many are excited about Cordell’s acting career, since he’s not choosing the same career as his dad.