Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories That Can Be Yours Too!

Physical appearance is very important for celebrities, as it can directly affect the path of their career. A blemished face or plump figure can easily cost any actor or actress projects where he or she could have been otherwise cast.
Luckily, options for weight loss are now available, and some are even affordable. There are diet pills that promise results in as little as seven days, a surgery that commits to getting rid of excess body fat and the sagging skin post-weight loss, and diet meal plans that promote organic food over its oily, salty or MSG-filled alternatives. But some people still prefer the traditional way of diet and exercise because, for them, these investments will reap a healthy future.
Let’s find out which method is more popular among celebrities.


Anyone who claims not to love the iconic movie Bridget Jones’ Diary is definitely lying. She received her first Academy Award nomination for her role as Bridget Jones in this romantic comedy film. Her landing the part was controversial because she wasn’t overweight, nor was she British. Because of her passion for her craft, Renee Zellweger took on the challenge of gaining weight for the movie’s lead role.

Always giving her performances her all, she quickly worked on gaining the extra weight and learned the English accent with the help of a coach. Learning a few pounds was reasonably easy, but losing it again was not. After the success of the film, Zellweger made it her personal goal to get back in shape, as she put out her investments for a nutritionist. Thanks to her lean diet and vigorous exercise routines, She successfully regained her original weight. Zellweger not only won her old body back but the hearts of the movie-goers as well.


Multi-talented star Amber Riley had to shed some extra pounds due to health reasons and following the advice of her doctor. Losing all the extra weight, she now looks graceful and fit in whatever she wears. Glee is one of the most popular comedy shows in American television history. Riley is known for her role as Mercedes Jones on this Fox comedy-drama series. Riley wanted to alleviate her chronic stomach pain and avoid further complications brought about by her unhealthy weight.

She was offered to undergo gastric surgery, but the American actress and singer chose to take the traditional method. She switched to a healthy diet and started getting active with exercises to help her achieve the ideal weight. She thinks that a weight loss regime starts when you stop eating junk. Riley started eating nutritious food and reducing the consumption of carbs. She must have taken online classes featuring cardio moves and followed them well as she successfully tipped lower on the weighing scale.


Comedian Jonah Hill is well known for his funny stint in films and TV shows, including Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and 21 Jump Street. In addition, he performed well in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, for which he received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor. But he was also famous for his extraordinarily heavyweight that caused him some problems personally and professionally. That is why he considered undergoing gastric bypass surgery at first.

But, aside from the steep cost that almost made him get some personal loans, the perceived invasive disadvantages of surgery prompted the American actor to see a nutritionist and go with a strict diet plan instead. Hill lost a lot of weight by changing his diet to mainly eating sushi. He began doing 10 push-ups a day and eventually worked his way up to doing 100 push-ups a day. His decision proved to be wise as he is now an inspiration for people who wish to get fit too.


Matthew McConaughey is an American actor and producer. He made breakthrough performances in movies like A Time to Kill and Interstellar. When this Hollywood A-lister’s photos showed his scarily skinny frame circulated, people were immediately alarmed and worried over the actor’s state of health. The usually buff McConaughey quickly addressed the speculations by revealing that his drastic weight loss was purposely made in preparation for his role as the AIDS inflicted lead character in the movie The Dallas Buyers Club.

He further assured his fans that he would get back in shape right after filming, which he did. He said he dropped 50 pounds in five months, only ate vegetables, egg whites, and fish. He didn’t exercise during the five-month period. Reducing muscle exercises such as weightlifting can reduce muscle mass, thereby reducing weight. The Dazed and Confused star is now making women go gaga over his well-defined muscular physique again. We bet he was paid hefty investment money for the effort and sacrifice he put in for the film.


Melissa McCarthy was a successful comedian. In the 2010 CBS sitcom Mike & Molly, she played Molly, a teacher who has been pursuing romance, for which she received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2011. People must have assumed that she was all happy and contented. However, there was one thing that they did not know about her. She was struggling with her obesity.

She made several attempts to solve this issue, but only when she found the right intensity of motivation that she was successful in achieving the physique she wanted. She was alarmed that she was no longer getting younger, and being overweight came with a lot of probable illnesses. Her insurance provider would not be happy about that. So, she decided to adopt a strict diet plan and participate in routine exercise. Today, she looks healthier and fitter than ever. In addition, she also launched her own clothing brand for plus-sized women.


Chrissy Metz is famous for the role as Kate in the TV series This Is Us, which earned her nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Chrissy and Kate have had similar struggles with weight. Speaking of her weight loss journey, everything started when the creator of This Is Us, Dan Fogelman, urged Chrissy Metz to lose weight to get a role in the said show.

The opportunity was so hard to resist, so she jumped into the challenge right away. She started with 50lbs then with 100lbs. Things were pretty tricky for her. She underwent depression when she began to question her ways if those were effective. Thankfully, she continued what she started and achieved her goal — to have a healthier lifestyle. She should be given credit not only for her rare talent in acting but for her determination and hard work to earn that role as well. Chrissy is a proponent of body positivity.


Kaley Cuoco started her acting career at the age of six. In 2007, she was well-known for her role as Penny in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Kaley Cuoco has always kept a svelte figure. Fans never saw her pile on extra pounds during her stay in the entertainment business for two decades. But the California-born actress admitted that it involved work and commitment to maintaining her fit and sexy body.

She considers regular gym time, hot yoga sessions, and fitness exercises as necessary investments towards good health. Cuoco loves working with a personal trainer. The beautiful star’s former fitness trainer revealed that Kaley loved doing workouts for the abs, arm, and butt. Cuoco works out five days a week. She doesn’t eat meat, though she does eat fish, and she tries to stock her kitchen with healthy foods. With an estimated net worth of $55 million and a healthy lifestyle, Kaley is sure to enjoy a good future with her family.


Famed singer Lauren Alaina was the third runner up on American Idol Season 10. Her debut album, Wildflower, was highly successful and profitable. But despite having earned several awards, Lauren admitted that she still feels less confident because of her weight. Throughout her teenage years, Alaina suffered from bulimia. Since participating in Dancing with the Stars, she has lost a lot of weight. In the final, she and her partner won fourth place.

Considered fat by Hollywood standards, the American singer and songwriter turned to a high protein, low carb diet, which helped her lose 25 pounds in just five months. There is no doubt that dancing is also an exercise. Lauren shared in US Weekly that, “Changing my diet was the big thing. I had to learn correct portion control.” Our take on it, similar to the complexities of credit card processing, successful weight loss is achieved by diligently following the defined steps.


Famed singer Lauren Alaina was the third runner up on American Idol Season 10. Her debut album, Wildflower, was highly successful and profitable. But despite having earned several awards, Lauren admitted that she still feels less confident because of her weight. Throughout her teenage years, Alaina suffered from bulimia. Since participating in Dancing with the Stars, she has lost a lot of weight. In the final, she and her partner won fourth place.

Considered fat by Hollywood standards, the American singer and songwriter turned to a high protein, low carb diet, which helped her lose 25 pounds in just five months. There is no doubt that dancing is also an exercise. Lauren shared in US Weekly that, “Changing my diet was the big thing. I had to learn correct portion control.” Our take on it, similar to the complexities of credit card processing, successful weight loss is achieved by diligently following the defined steps.


Comedian Kevin James rose to fame with his role as Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens, where he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. He was never ashamed of his weight. But when he was cast for the movie Here Comes The Boom, the charming actor had to lose fat and bulk up for his character. He played the role of Scott, a biology teacher who decided to compete in the MMA to earn money for his school’s extracurricular activities program that was on the verge of being axed due to lack of funds.

Kevin made a strictly controlled plan to achieve his weight loss goal. He started following a protein-rich diet and engaged in physical activities to develop his muscles. His daily exercise included push-ups, sit-ups and boxing practice. He didn’t only nail the role; James also improved his credit score. Nowadays, James has been able to maintain his figure.


Kirstie Alley is well-known for her role as Rebecca Howe in the NBC sitcom Cheers, which won her an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe in 1991. She participated in the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars and finished in second place. Kirstie Alley is just like any other girl who struggles with weight gain. She had her ups and downs, which means that she lost some weight and gained much more after a reasonable amount of time.

For instance, she managed to lose 75 pounds by following the Jenny Craig diet and gained 230 pounds in 2011. Everyone was shocked when she made an appearance in Dancing with the Stars. Good thing, it was not too late for her to realize that the best investment to lose weight and avoid gaining it back is discipline. She had the right amount of it, which made her successful in staying fit up until today.


The “Princess of Pop” Britney Spears influenced teen pop music during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She is one of the world’s best-selling music artists and has earned numerous awards and accolades. We all loved her for her show-stopping performances, and it’s no wonder that iconic pop star Britney Spears never left the spotlight.

However, like many famous names in the entertainment industry, Spears fell into a hole of depression, which eventually took a toll on her health and weight. Soon enough, the star finally decided to sign up for a fitness center, where she was also made to follow an incredibly strict diet. Thankfully, the 38-year-old performer is now back on track, as she continues to turn heads with her beautiful physique. We couldn’t be happier for our favorite ‘90s icon, and we hope she can start online classes soon about coping with depression and mental health struggles!


Jimmy Kimmel is known throughout the industry, and even the world, as the host and executive producer of the late-night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, that carries his name. He was honored as one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” in 2018 by Time. Jimmy has hosted several important awards ceremonies, such as the Oscars and the Primetime Emmy Awards.

A turning point in his life happened when a guest on his show showed more concern for his health than he did. Because of his busy schedule, a program that involved endless physical activities was not ideal for him. He chose to eat healthier instead. He started his weight-loss journey by being more mindful of his daily calorie intake. He also practices intermittent fasting. Most people think of fasting only as calorie bankruptcy, but intermittent fasting, when done right, has multiple health benefits.


Bruce Vilanch is an incredibly talented writer. He was the head writer for the game show Hollywood Squares, where he also appears as a celebrity participant. He was the head writer for the Academy Awards and is a feature writer for the Tony Award, the Grammy Award, and the Emmy Award shows. The celebrity admits that he struggled with his weight his entire life.

He enjoyed being in the reality TV show Celebrity Fit Club. The show helped him lose some weight. After the show, he developed a healthier lifestyle by adding swimming to his physical activities. However, he gained back all the weight that he lost. Hence, he opted for a lap band surgery. Lap band surgery is an expensive way to manage weight. But it seems like it has been a good investment for Bruce Vilanch; it helps him lose and keep off weight.


Delta Burke is an American actress. She dreamed of becoming an actress since she was a child. Delta won the Miss Florida title in 1974. She is best known for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the CBS sitcom Designing Women. The series ran for seven seasons, and Delta received two Emmy Award nominations for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. When the beautiful star was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, she consequently became obese, triggering mental health issues and depression.

But with the unwavering support of her husband Gerald McRaney, Delta was convinced that investments in health get the most return. She tried to control and relieve all her depression and decided to build her career again. So, she followed a strict diet plan and exercise routine recommended by doctor, which helped her lose the unhealthy pounds, arrest her depression, and manage her blood sugar level.


Seth Rogen is a Canadian-American actor and producer. In 1999, he debuted in the comedy TV series Freaks and Geeks. As an excellent screenwriter, he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Just like any other artist in the industry, Seth Rogen did some serious preparations and adjustments for a movie role. He happened to get picked to play the role of a superhero. Due to this, he hurriedly jumped into a healthy routine of exercise and a strict diet plan.

Seth was very thankful for his personal trainer after he lost 30 pounds in just 10 days. His coach also suggested that continuous strength training will help solve the problem of skin sagging. Today, he receives credits for looking fitter than ever. The only thing he needs to do now is to keep himself on the screen to not disappoint his fans, who continuously anticipates his movie appearances.


One the highest-paid reality television personality Kim Kardashian is more than just a curvy structure, fancy clothes, excellent credit score, and luxurious cars. She is a woman with overlapping determination and perseverance. Just like any woman who got pregnant, Kim also gained a significant amount of weight after she gave birth to her two kids with Kanye West. A lot have commented on this change, and she could not help but work on getting that voluptuous body back.

However, she did not want to resort to artificial methods and cosmetic surgeries. Instead, she worked so hard and hanged out in the gym as often as possible. Kim said:“I did a strict Atkins diet. Strict, strict, strict.” She has some weight loss tips, such as say no to sugar and starch, consume healthy fats and enough protein. She was pushing herself too much until she got the body she desired for.


A lot of people were impressed by Missy Elliot’s drastic weight loss. The 49-year-old legendary rapper credits her fit appearance to four months of the persistent and disciplined diet, where she was forced to forego unhealthy food and resorted to drinking water most of the time. Elliot admitted that it was the most difficult thing she ever did in her life, as she claimed to have never liked drinking water.

It’s a good thing that she is well aware that her health is one of the most important investments in her life. She also highlighted the importance of believing in yourself and that it’s never too late to start being healthy. Indeed, Missy Elliot’s fitness story is a testament that losing weight is a matter of focus and attitude and as long as you exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, then you can do it no matter what your age is.


American Idol 2002 winner Kelly Clarkson earned a record deal with RCA Records and gained instant popularity because of her incredible voice and powerful performance. But, the Texas-born singer was not very confident about her looks because of her massive weight and plump appearance, so she studied her options and eventually chose to adhere to a strict diet plan for balanced nutrition. Sources claim that she also took online classes and frequented the gym to augment her diet plan.

Not long after, Clarkson was noticeably slimmer and looked healthier. She successfully shed off 40 pounds and is determined not to gain it back. She is a strong individual and very confident. Traits that helped her lose extra pounds and maintain her body in good shape. Her determination is well-disciplined that she did not fall into any trap of any eating disorder. She just maintained balanced nutrition and got on the gym’s flooring to sweat out fats.


American medium Theresa Caputo reportedly received a fat paycheck for every episode of the reality TV show Long Island Medium, enough to pay off whatever personal loans, home loans, or cash loans that she may have had back then. The more pressing challenge that she faced, however, was about being overweight. When she finally decided to act on it, she turned to a proper diet and regular physical exercise, which resulted in a weight loss of 30 pounds in a span of just a few weeks.

Fans were delighted with the actress’s improved appearance and used her as an inspiration to tackle their weight issues. This is a big accomplishment for her. Theresa’s ex-husband, Larry Caputo, must be full of regrets. She will maintain her figure and later hire a Financial Advisor for her income as one can predict that with her transformation there will be plenty of offers.


Fans and insurance companies were shocked to see a much-slimmer Liz Torres during the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix. Some are quick to claim that the singer-comedienne has undergone gastric bypass surgery, which allegedly caused her to suddenly look older. The American actress, who is a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards nominee for her role as Mahalia Sanchez in The John Larroquette Show, has yet to confirm or deny this news.

But her sunny disposition proves that she is satisfied with the changes and happy with how she looks now regardless of how she achieved them. For us, that’s what truly matters. What’s perhaps more important is whether or not Liz Torres has applied for insurance before she pursued the surgery, in case something might go wrong. Her weight loss is truly remarkable as she is almost unrecognizable. She should maintain her weight and prevent the onset of another obesity because it will be perilous to undergo another surgery especially at her age and her disposition.


As the winner of the popular reality TV show The Biggest Loser Season 15, Rachel Frederickson surprised viewers when she totally transformed from 260 pounds to an astonishing 105 pounds during the season finale. She lost a mind-boggling total of 155 pounds in seven months. A lot of people were concerned about the ethical implications of the show and whether or not such drastic changes are still considered healthy.

Frederickson, however, maintained that she didn’t have an eating disorder and credited her weight loss to her difficult training during the show. Indeed, she knew what she was capable of. She was never afraid to dedicate herself to any endeavor given to her. She knew that she will come out successful in the end. Rachel Frederickson is determined never to give up. In the course of the season, she believed that if she remains disciplined and consistent, she can do it. And she did it!


The TV presenter and actress Ricki Lake was a heavy teenager at 300 pounds. She felt like she was always being criticized for her weight, so she tried different weight loss programs, but the Atkins diet was the only one that worked for her. The diet plan cost her roughly $100 per week, and though she almost had to take money loans to sustain it, the result was astounding as the Hairspray lead star lost 100 pounds by the end of her Atkins program.

However, when her relationship with Christian Evans went sour, Lake started gaining weight again. Sticking to a workout schedule made her shed off the extra fats and helped her maintain a healthy weight. Keeping what she had started should be maintained at all cost because she already put a lot of money into it. She should prevent taking money loans again.


David Barner wasn’t always as drool-worthy as he is today. A confessed food lover, Barner used to have a bad habit of munching unhealthy food and snacks, which started during his teenage years. This caused him to gain excess weight that eventually led to illnesses, including hypertension and sleep apnea. Heeding his doctor’s advice, David followed a controlled diet program with low carb and high fiber content. He also pursued a strict fitness routine, which helped him lose unwanted pounds.

Surely, even his insurance provider was happy with his transformation from chubby to hunky, just like we are. He would not want to be as unhealthy as before, so he religiously followed a strict fitness program and drank green tea and a low carb diet. David hopes that he will not stray from this mindset of eating healthy foods, doing moderate exercises, and keeping a healthy mind to maintain his new healthy and fit body.


Kathleen Turner did not mind the fact that she was gaining weight, even when her fans took notice too. She was quoted as saying, “A woman my age is not supposed to be attractive or sexually appealing. I just get kinda tired of that.” But when her physician diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis, the stage actress shifted to a healthier lifestyle and worked on losing her excess weight. This included a strict diet plan and avoiding alcoholic drinks, soda, and juices.

With an improved weight, Kathleen Turner won back her self-confidence and regained her career, giving her leverage for better money management. Indulging in including alcoholic drinks, soda, and juices in your diet is always a bad investment, as spending money on these treats are expensive while increasing your weight simultaneously. Kathleen Turner was determined never to go back to being overtly overweight.


Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse developed the polycystic ovarian syndrome, which caused her to gain weight uncontrollably. Fans started to take notice, and unwitting observers made offensive comments about the American actress’s growing frame. Luckily, Sasha was given the green light to manage her weight. She checked out online classes and chose a fitness routine that she followed, coupled with a strict diet, and eventually lost 37 pounds.

Now maintaining a healthy weight, the 24-year-old star wishes to inspire other women suffering from the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Sasha now dabbles on her new role as an entertaining guru and book author after bidding goodbye to her Pretty Little Liars character Alison DiLaurentis. We hope that  Sasha will maintain her healthy lifestyle and that there will be no recurrence of her polycystic ovarian syndrome, and that she continues to seek the advice of her doctors so she would remain healthy and strong.


Also known as the Veronicas, identical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso always wanted to be famous. At age 16, they auditioned and were cast in a small villainess role in the kids’ TV series Cybergirl. In 2004, the twins formed the Veronicas, an Australian pop duo, and recorded songs such as “Hook Me Up” “On Your Side”.

But, despite their popularity and high credit score, Jess and Lisa were not exactly happy about their body image as they felt that they were overweight, ignoring other people’s assurances that they were, in fact, in good shape. The twins went on with their decision to rigorously shed off some weight until they eventually achieved the stick-thin figure they desired. Not at the expense of their health, we hope. If that may be the case, at least they should bear in mind to have a good investment plan for their early retirement.


Reality TV celebrity Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, best known by her nickname Snooki, rose to fame when she was cast in the MTV show Jersey Shore. Her weight problems started after giving birth to her first baby. Snooki didn’t waste time and immediately acted on losing weight. But even though she had enough investment money to draw funds from, the reality TV star and online shop owner veered away from invasive gastric bypass surgery and cosmetic surgery.

She decided to take the natural route by committing to a regular fitness regimen, which included five days in the gym every week, combined with a controlled diet. The results are just impressive. A wise decision for Snooki to shy away from any invasive surgery to lose weight. We hope, however, that she maintains her tenacity in the future as she is right now.


British singer Sam Smith is considered one of the best performers of his generation. But, as his popularity and money started swelling, the singer’s body frame was strikingly getting thinner. Sam was quick to address his fans’ concerns and assured them that he is in the pink of health. He credits losing 14 pounds in two weeks to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The explanation brought a sigh of relief to his fans and insurance companies as well, but as expected, skeptics still think that he may have done some surgery to be able to lose so much weight in such a short period. There are also dangers in losing weight abruptly. Sometimes, the body cannot handle the drastic change, provoking complications that could be fatal. He should consider discussing health insurance with his insurance company so as not to fall prey to various money loans.


The legendary music producer and rapper Dr. Dre has always been overweight, but it never really bothered him that much. But when he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, the 55-year-old artist realized that it was time to change his ways. With the help of his trainer, Dr. Dre followed a strict diet plan and worked out regularly, finally reaching the weight goal he needed to lose and increase his muscle density.

After losing fifty pounds, the famous rapper’s blood pressure normalized. Now, he maintains his healthy weight and fit body by observing discipline and persistence. Being healthy again, Dr. Dre has managed to be active in his career. We would like to see him maintain his weight and avoid any reason that could damage his health. Also, Dre must focus on investment planning already because he is not getting any younger.


Kirsten Vangsness is an American actress and author who is widely known for her portrayal of FBI agent Penelope Garcia on the CBS drama series Criminal Minds. Fans of the show have noticed Kirsten’s sweeping weight loss throughout the show. When she decided to become healthier by losing weight, she received widespread support from her friends and fans. Now fifty pounds slimmer and much lighter, Kirsten is ready to brave more projects and, therefore, move further away from the possibility of bankruptcy.

She has also become a source of inspiration for other women, and even men, who suffer from diabetes and depression. Her bubbly character is not only in the drama series but in real life. Penelope is a woman of many traits, most striking of all is her warmth towards others. No doubt she would be supported by her friends and fans in every endeavor, especially in her health. Garcia has invested so much in her relationship with her fans which is tantamount to high net worth.


Saturday Night Live alumna Aiden Bryant was not fond of weight-loss trends until her doctor warned her of the severe health risks associated with obesity. She then started a conscious effort to get into an ideal size. With her commitment to a fitness regime, including a controlled diet and regular exercise, Aidy’s journey to weight loss became a success. She initially lost 15 pounds and went on to regain her fit and sexy body, while also positively affecting her credit score.

She even became an inspiration to people who battled with obesity and gave them hope to get back in shape just like her. She is the person who does not follow fitness trends but when her doctor advised her to lose weight, it’s great to hear that she followed. We just hope that she continues whatever she is doing so that she can also continue her great and healthy lifestyle.


John Bradley West rose to fame for his role as Samwell Tarly in the sensational TV fantasy series Game of Thrones. However, while the show’s fans admire his adorable and amusing character, the 32-year-old actor confesses to being regularly teased for his unhealthy weight. Eventually, the award-winning actor decided to lose some weight for his health by sticking to a balanced diet of high protein and low carb content. The problem, however, is that he must also maintain a particular shape for his character in the show.

As such, Bradley sees to it that his transformation would be gradual and still aligned with the plot. Fortunately, he was able to do this successfully. Moreover, he would not need money loans for expensive and dangerous surgeries just to maintain a healthy weight. Indeed, Bradley has been making wakes since the end of the show’s run with numerous projects such as Patient Zero and Borgia.


Solofa Fatu Jr., also known as Rikishi, became famous as a WWE wrestler when he adopted the nickname “Stinkface”, which was attributed to his trademark move of sitting on the face of his opponents after successfully bringing them down on the floor. Weighing a hefty 425 pounds, his heavy body frame would undoubtedly weaken any competitor. But, in 2000, Rikishi badly hurt Steve Austin backstage during a wrestling match. To save himself from being presented to an attorney for trial, the incident made him leave his wrestling career.

During his absence from the ring, the wrestler adopted a healthy diet and fitness program and lost 125 pounds. After two years, Rikishi was able to return to WWE through The Rock’s help. He might need a Financial Advisor now to keep track of his finances. It would not be easy if he will hit rock bottom if he will neglect his health again.


The beloved R&B performer Kelly Price is said to be a fan of workouts and healthy diets. Previously weighing about 300 pounds, she observed proper discipline in her eating habits and followed a rigorous exercise program that ultimately led her to lose a significant portion of her former weight. She immediately felt the positive effect of her hard work on her self esteem. As such, the 47-years-old Kelly is resolute in sustaining her healthy lifestyle while unceasingly losing the remaining fats.

She was very honest about her transformation over the years. She even gets a photograph of herself before and after her diet and exercise regimen. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that many admirers were delighted to see her new fit body and positive attitude, although we believe that her list of popular hits like “Friend of Mine”, “As We Lay”, “Mirror Mirror”, and “Tired” can use some updating too. With her new album hitting the charts, she will probably need to employ a Financial Advisor to manage her income.


Sister Wives star Janelle Brown received criticism for being overweight in the show, which explores polygamy to a certain degree. But instead of feeling discouraged, Kody Brown’s wife, or one of his four wives to be more precise, took the negative comments as a challenge to improve herself. Janelle started a fitness program that included regular exercise and a properly balanced diet and created a blog where she kept her fans informed and updated on her weight loss development.

To document her journey, Janelle authored a book titled “Watch Me Disappear”, which became a bestseller and placed her as one of the top authors in The New York Times. She should discuss with her insurance company her option for retirement, as her net worth will undoubtedly soar if the book will sell across the world. Indeed, her laid-back approach to life has brought her to the success she is enjoying now.


Perez Hilton is an entertainment writer who became notorious for his celebrity news coverage and gossip. The writer gained so much weight very quickly that it must have caused concern to his insurance provider. Fortunately, Perez realized the importance of his health and changed his lifestyle immediately. To regain his former physique, Perez opted to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, which eventually worked for him in the long run.

However, some hearsays circulated about a liposuction procedure he has allegedly done as suggested by the marks on his body. Regardless of what happened, it proved to be a blessing in disguise as it provided Perez some publicity, albeit a negative one, to increase his notoriety even further. Today, Perez continues to maintain his healthy lifestyle by focusing on regular exercise and a proper diet, which he believed are the easiest and effective ways to shed off some weight.


For most people, being made to serve time can be a very daunting experience. However, Teresa Guidice took advantage of her 11-month stay inside an institution to achieve a better figure. The Real Housewives of New Jersey and her husband, Joe Guidice, was convicted for conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud and lying about their income to get approved for personal loans and business loans.

While serving time, the reality star engaged in physical exercises that included running the track every morning, lifting weights, and doing yoga. She also became more conscious of the food that she ate. Her efforts paid off as she was down to size two by the time of her release from the institution. Although she had a very troubling past, Theresa is doing her best to get her life back in order. That made her stay healthy and fit after all those years after going out of prison.


American supermodel Tyra Banks is a renowned fashion figure known for her sass and unfiltered opinions. When it comes to appearance, Tyra has always been vocal about body positivity. Despite the bashing she received because of her weight, Banks continued in the industry unbothered. However, while the supermodel didn’t care about the number on her weighing scale, Banks’ career started to get affected due to multiple different reasons.

That is why she decided and poured out investment money on a nutritionist/trainer and successfully lost 30 pounds in a span of only a few weeks. It wasn’t long before the modeling agencies started calling her to walk the runway again. Today, Banks is one of the most influential models we know who still advocates for body inclusivity. Get ready to see more of Tyra Banks in the future since she is still starting to warm up with her career, and there are more things she will do soon.


Thanks to singers like Miranda Lambert, one of the most popular singers of the genre to date, country music is very much alive. She has been the best when it comes to the things that she loves, and that includes country music. During the peak of her career, her relationship with Blake Shelton made the news, and so did their separation. The legal separation took a toll on Lambert’s health and affected her weight greatly.

After some time, Lambert decided to go on a fitness journey through a flexible weight control program. That program has helped her immensely since the 35-year-old actress-singer successfully shed 25 pounds in only a few weeks. There are still no recent updates with her whereabouts in life. However, we know that she is still staying as healthy as ever. It won’t be long before insurance companies start calling her up to propose a policy with a fit physique like hers!


If you need the inspiration to start your portion control diet, then you might want to read up on Jennifer Ellison’s strategy. After struggling to keep her ideal weight, she swiped her credit cards and signed up for a nutritional program — the 800-calories-per-day Cambridge Diet. Although the journey has not been easy for her, Ellison’s determination made following a strict diet much more comfortable. In the end, Jennifer became nothing short of success in her journey to become healthier and fitter.

Although she admitted that it was challenging at first, Jennifer Ellison is embracing a better lifestyle as she sees the positive difference in taking care of her body. Now, she’s an inspiration to many of us who are still struggling to control our food intake. We just hope that she will not get tempted to eat much more and spend many of her investments, drowning in any sort of personal debt in the future.


A daily job that involves cooking the most salivating meals imaginable seems like a dream, but not when it starts to take a toll on your health. Take it from American writer, comedian, actor, and Iron Chef America chef Anthony Anderson. Because his job always calls to have a mouth full of food to critique, Anderson was soon diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Now, this has been a challenging thing for him.

However, to get back on track, he went on a healthy diet and fitness journey, which successfully resulted in a loss of 47 pounds within a few months. Indeed, he deserves all the credit for being disciplined and for persevering for his health! The only hope that people have is that he continues to do what he is doing, keeps that healthy and robust physique that he already has, and continues doing his job with passion.


When it comes to shedding off extra pounds, Michael Moore decided to try out an unconventional way to cut some weight, and it worked wonders for his health. Like most of us, Moore struggled with weight loss for quite some time and went on an on-and-off nutritional diet and workout habit. That, however, has been very hard for the man. Because of his inability to keep his routines, he gathered a lot of his investment money and checked himself into Miami’s luxury fat camp in 2010.

Luckily for Moore, it was a success, with 30 pounds cut from his weight. He managed to reach his body goals after years of hard work and perseverance. The now 65-year-old personality is looking better than ever, and we can’t wait to see more of his weight loss journey. His inspiring journey will also help his fans be determined to follow in his footsteps and reach the goals they want to achieve.


Most people think athletes are immune to sudden weight gain because they’re constantly working out, but this doesn’t always ring true. Retired professional basketball player Charles Barkley gained a few pounds during his time on the court, which caused him to miss some sports activities and become a little inactive in playing basketball. Soon after that, he decided that he wanted to be better at his sport, so he started following a proper diet and fitness routine.

It has not been easy at first, but of course, thanks to his hard work and determination, the basketball star achieved his fitness goals. Now that he can play better, we’re confident that he won’t need to call insurance companies soon and get to see more of him in the best shape possible for a basketball superstar. We just hope that he will maintain his determination and will not go back to his original state.


How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel was always vocal about being unbothered by his weight. However, it was a candid photo of him from his assistant that changed his mind about treating his body. Soon, Segel was on the road to a fit body through a holistic fitness routine and proper nutrition. It wasn’t long before fans started to notice the drastic change in his weight and generously praised him for it.

Indeed, Jason Segel’s fans are delighted to see the star put more effort into caring more for his health and career, as no one wants to see him waste his career investments on low health. Ever since then, he was considered an inspiration by all of his fans. His journey ensured them that nothing is impossible and that anyone can obtain the weight they have always dreamed of. His journey is inspiring indeed, and we hope many of you took notes from Jason’s fitness experience.


There was no questioning Sherri Shepherd’s talent and beauty, as she captivated the hearts of many through her role as Ramona Platt in Less Than Perfect. However, as someone who loves food, she was happy eating whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, this habit of hers stopped when she found out that she had started to get bigger and found out that she has Type 2 Diabetes. To pay more attention to her health, Shepherd incorporated proper nutrition and exercise into her daily routine, and it genuinely helped her in all sorts of ways.

Today, Shepherd is 40 pounds lighter and is no longer on her maintenance medications. We’re happy to see that because she will save a lot of money from not needing her medications and staying healthy. Her experience was indeed eye-opening, and if you’re in the same situation, just remember some of the tips Sherri Shepherd’s journey imparted. It looks like she won’t be needing her health insurance coverage anytime soon!


As someone who has a lot of going on for his career, Penn Jillette is always making sure that he’s in tip-top shape. While he used to live his life carefree of any possible health complications, Jillette has taken a better health approach and has started to embrace a fitness journey. To stay away from cardiovascular diseases, he took on a weight loss plan that helped him lose 100 pounds after a few years of hard work and perseverance.

Today, the 64-year-old magician, actor, and best-selling author can move on to more projects with a better body. We sure could appreciate some online classes on how he juggles his career with his health routines since this has already inspired many people. We also hope that he will continue making great things in the future and, of course, keep his body healthy and stronger than ever. Fans of his sure have some exciting things to look forward to in the coming years.


After her appearance in Birds of a Feather skyrocketed her career, Pauline Quirke soon fell into a cycle of unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. As she continuously started to gain weight, she soon realized that she had to do something about her current state. She took out her investments and spent them on transitioning to a better and healthier route. Thankfully, her plans ended well. You can confirm that when you see her right now.

With regular exercise and a strict diet, Quirke incredibly shrunk into a size 12 from her old body size of 28. The best part of this is that it only took her a few months to obtain this result. She moved on from a life of carefree vices and hasn’t looked back since, as the American actress maintains her ideal weight by embracing her newfound healthier habits. Now, she won’t need to call her insurance agents anytime soon.


Sara Rue is known for her performances in TV shows like Popular and Less than Perfect. She also appears in numerous films. Outside of her acting career, the actress became a spokesperson for weight-loss campaigns after struggling with weight. She admitted that part of her motivation to lose weight was investment planning. With hard work and dedication, she obtained the weight and body that she has always desired.

As an actress, there were roles that she couldn’t play if she remained overweight. However, she elaborated that her weight loss journey was more internal. It involved being more conscious of who she was and the choices she was making. She shared that weight loss gave her control of her own life, including her own body. Let’s just hope to see more of her soon, looking as healthy and the best she can be. We’re confident, though, that she is following through with her fitness regimen.


It may seem like Valerie Bertinelli is out of the spotlight, but many don’t know that she still enjoys much success in the television industry. Believe it or not, but she still appears in numerous TV shows and films. She had taken her career as a television personality even further when she started hosting the cooking shows Valerie’s Home Cooking and Kids Baking Championship in 2015. However, the actress struggled with her weight before, which led her to enroll in a weight-loss program.

She successfully lost weight and, for a time, became the spokesperson for the program. She does prefer to see herself as an advocate for health and weight-loss rather than a paid spokesperson. Everything is looking great for the actress. Her success is due to an investment in health, nutrition, and proper weight management. That’s not all, though! Valerie is continuing her journey and sharing them with all her fans by keeping her title as an advocate for health and weight-loss. That means we would get to see more of her.


Kelly Osbourne first appeared on screen for the reality show The Osbournes, which followed her family’s daily life. She is also a singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion personality. Kelly shared that receiving comments about her weight her entire life broke her heart and ruined her self-esteem. Her dance partner in Dancing With the Stars later introduced her to the beautiful effects of living healthy.

She is honest and open to her fans that this has been the most significant thing that happened to her. After her involvement in the TV show, she continued to take care of her health and well being. She worked with a trainer, and they started with long hikes. They eventually started working out in the gym. Now, Osbourne remains committed to her healthy lifestyle. She learned that an investment in your physical health is also an investment in your confidence and emotional health. Now, doesn’t that make you proud?


Drew Carey started his career as a standup comedian. By displaying his skills in investment planning and money management, he started his sitcom. It has been a great decision for him since this is how the actor rose to fame. He also hosts, acts, and invests in sports teams. Despite the success, health problems prompted Carey to set a goal to lose weight. He committed to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

He then achieved his goal by combining eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. He reduced the number of carbohydrates in his meals and now avoids bread and pasta. He also works out six days a week with the help of a trainer. He enjoys doing cardio exercises, like walking and running. Now, he is enjoying his life being as healthy as possible while ensuring he would be away from illnesses. We know that he will keep doing this until he won’t need to call his insurance agent.


Fergie initially found success in the music industry as part of the hit-making group The Black Eyed Peas. Then, she continued to experience success even as a solo artist. She also used her investment money on business ventures. She started designing shoes and released fragrances under Avon. Unlike most rockstars out there, Fergie did not succumb to the unhealthy lifestyle of drugs and other harmful vices that most rockstars usually do.

Fergie keeps herself healthy by working out. She enjoys cardio exercises like running, especially with motivating music in her background. She also does jumping rope, hiking, and weightlifting. She needs to switch up her workout routine to keep her challenged and to avoid being bored. The singer also adds superfoods to her diet and enjoys juicing and drinking green smoothies. After all that hard work, you can see that Fergie has been on top of her game ever since she started to take care of her body, and she looks as great as ever.


The singer-songwriter Jojo started her career in the music industry when she was still very young. Even at the age of 7, she already appeared in television shows to perform musical numbers. Her albums ultimately achieved commercial success, and she became the youngest solo artist in history to top the US Billboard Pop songs chart. Because of the lush lifestyle, JoJo slowly got bigger and bigger as the years rolled by. That is why JoJo experienced her record company getting her a nutritionist and putting her on a strict diet to lose weight.

During this experience, she kept her daily calorie intake at a minimal amount. According to the singer, this has not been the easiest part of her life. Fortunately, everything seemed so well when you see the result of her hard work. Perhaps because of her experience with fame at a young age, Jojo actively supports various charitable organizations. Today, Jojo spends some of her investment money on the future of young people through education.


Joell Ortiz is an American rapper born and raised in New York City to Puerto Rican parents. He is a hip-hop artist and was a member of the group Slaughterhouse. Ever since his rise to stardom, he has been living the life of a rockstar. After living what he admits was an unhealthy lifestyle, he decided to make some changes in his life. He turned his back on partying too much, along with the nightlife, cheeseburgers, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Now he practices a healthier lifestyle. He works out regularly and eats healthy. He learned that taking care of himself made him feel incredible. Joell also understands that these lifestyle changes are a form of investment planning. Losing weight and unhealthy habits will help him with his career as a rapper. His transformed look presented additional opportunities for him and his career in the future. You better expect to see more of him in the years to come.


David Styles, aka Styles P, is a hip-hop artist best known for his hit single Good Times. He has released numerous albums and mixtapes over the years. Outside of his individual career, David Styles also participated in The Lox. As a co-founder of the group, Styles used some income from his music career as investment money. He also co-owns a juice bar in the Bronx, New York. Apart from that, David is also an author, having released his first novel in 2010.

Because of all these achievements, he lived a very unhealthy life because he had the means to do so. However, David noticed that this was not a good thing, so he wanted to change his life and help him with weight management; the rapper does cycling and calisthenics. He also does pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and weightlifting. With the help of his financial advisor, he established a juice bar himself. It’s clear to see that Styles enjoys drinking healthy juices as part of his diet.


Teairra Mari is an American singer/actress known for her role in the film Lottery Ticket. At age 16, hip-hop superstar Jay Z signed her to the record label Def Jam Recordings. Unfortunately, she had difficulties with her albums’ sales and was ultimately let go by the company. Grabbing opportunities to help with her career and loans, she tried her luck in acting and reality TV and appeared in several films. She also appears in the hit reality shows Love & Hip Hop: New York and Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Because of this, she lived a luxurious and lavish life. That is also why she experienced a significant body transformation over the past few years. A big part of this transformation is her decision to live a more active life. We know this because she shares her workout photos on social media. It will make her get rid of the possibility of her needing to call her insurance agent in the future. Let’s hope that she stays on the right fitness track for a long time.


It is without a doubt that Jack Black has enjoyed an eventful and successful career. However, with all the upcoming projects, his popularity is going to soar even higher than before. He first appeared on TV when he was still a child for a video game commercial, and that’s when producers saw a special kind of personality within him. That same charm would become a hit later on. He rose to fame as a musician. He was a member of the two-person band Tenacious D and later starred in many popular films.

He is best known for his role in blockbuster hits such as School of Rock, King Kong, and as a voice actor for the character Po in Kung Fu Panda. However, his increasing weight reportedly started to affect his career. It was then that Jack Black decided to lose some weight. He started working out and eating healthier, knowing that his health investment was also an investment in his career.


Debra Digiovanni is an award-winning stand-up comedian with an enormous amount of experience that stretches throughout different stand-up comedy eras. Capitalizing on her talent and experience, she is also an accomplished voice performer and TV host, and you may have heard her unique voice once or twice in the past. Being a comedian, she has poked fun at her own weight. She has been open about her resistance to spending her investment money on any surgical methods for weight-loss.

However, some health concerns and a visit to her doctor motivated her to make some lifestyle changes. She added cardio work to her exercise. She is now trying to eat healthier and be more physically active. She reveals that it makes her happy to see someone work hard, achieve results, and conquer their struggles. Debra’s principles are indicative of someone who will reach great heights and big things in their endeavors.


At the young age of 16, the Scottish actress Sharon Rooney decided to enroll in a performing arts course. She was determined to be an actress, and this decision to enroll at Hull University as part of her investment planning toward an acting career. She was eventually cast for the leading role in My Mad Fat Diary. The comedy-drama TV series achieved success, and Rooney earned a BAFTA nomination for her debut role. The recognition she received was one of the deciding factors for her future projects.

When the series ended, the actress experienced weight-loss. Throughout all that, she made it clear that a person’s character mattered more than their appearance. Enjoying life was still more important to the actress than meeting other people’s expectations, and we couldn’t agree more. Sure losing weight and fitting in with beauty standards is kind of a nice feeling, but being content and happy with the body you have is a liberating feeling. We sure applaud Sharon’s decision.


Margo Martindale’s acting career now spans over three decades. Throughout the actress’s career, she has appeared in numerous television shows, films, and stage productions. A long list of acting credits can only mean that Margo has a vast experience to take inspiration from whenever she has a new role. Her outstanding acting skills led to multiple nominations and awards that everyone would claim Margo deserves to the highest degree. Her accolades include three Emmy Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, and a Gracie Award.

Earlier in life, she considered formal education as a potential career path and took her studies seriously. While she was in college, she did a summer study at Harvard University. Throughout her career, Margo Martindale has expressed the challenges of being overweight in the acting industry. She added more physical activities and a healthier diet for her lifestyle. These healthy practices helped her lose weight, which she says is making her feel perfect.


The actor-comedian is best known for his role in the TV series Cheers. He appears in all 275 episodes of the sitcom, and this role earned him six consecutive Emmy Award nominations. He has a productive acting career and appears in many movies, TV shows, and even multiple music videos. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the Jesuit Rockhurst College. With his bachelor’s degree, Wendt must be knowledgeable about financial planning and management. It’s safe to assume that Wendt has extensive knowledge about the proper ways to safeguard wealth.

However, despite his fortune, the actor still experienced health concerns in 2012 that caused him to drop out of production for a project. Unfortunately, that affected his career more than he expected. The experience caused him to consider losing weight and getting back a healthy body. He introduced more nutritious foods to his diet and lessened his alcohol consumption.


Eric Stonestreet initially rose to fame through his role in the police procedural television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The actor was known for his firm and serious demeanor when portraying his character on the show. He is also known for his role in the sitcom Modern Family, which was quite an iconic performance. He won two Emmy Awards for his performance in this show, a testament to his talent during the show’s official run. In addition to acting, he is passionate about sporting events and anything related to American baseball.

He even spent some of his investment money in an American baseball team in 2019, to which his sponsorship saw significant ROI through achievements and sporting merits of team members. In the past few years, the actor experienced substantial weight-loss. His choice of physical exercise is weightlifting. He says that working out helps him feel young again. He also made some changes in his diet, switching carbs for more vegetables and protein.


Elle King is a singer-songwriter who is known for incorporating different music genres. A single from her debut album even earned her two Grammy Award nominations. When Elle King first went on tours, she performed together with other famous musicians like Of Monsters and Men, Train, and James Bay. Even before her instant rise to prominence, the singer already experienced struggles with her weight. The weight loss struggles kept piling up and greatly affected her career.

However, with perseverance and determination, she shed the extra weight and gained a healthier body. She credits her weight loss over the past few years to spending more time outdoors and doing a lot of walking. Simple exercises can be a great way of training the body to lose weight. With these activities, she is now on the right track to becoming healthier. Spending a few minutes regularly outdoors, especially in green spaces, has been seen to be a wise choice for your health.


Amber Portwood used to have a great figure before she got pregnant. After giving birth, she didn’t want anything else than to get back in shape. The reality TV personality resorted to many things: getting on a diet to watching online classes for physical fitness. However, all these things did not work out because of the personal issues that hindered all the fitness routines she made. Fortunately, she found a way to ease up the entire process of losing weight — surgery.

She consulted a couple of doctors on how to get it done, and the procedure was a low-risk approach that turned out to be a success. She made several investments, and everything she spent was worth it because she got the body she longed for in the end. Amber is now enjoying her new body and trying out new things that highlight her transformation. We’re glad she’s a lot more confident in her body nowadays. There is undoubtedly no more incredible feeling.


Every time Ashley Fink gets asked how she managed to lose so much weight, she would say it was because of the strict diet and extreme exercise. However, it was not only that; it was also her motivation to become healthier and avoid all those frightening illnesses. When she hit 300 pounds, she did not only worry about her family; she even woke up to the constant growth of her medical insurance fees. Good thing, all her investment, dedication, and time were all worth it.

She managed to stay fit and maintain an 80-pound weight until today. That’s not an easy task considering all the wealth and resources she has. Most celebrities wouldn’t even think about the consequences of gaining weight as they can always have surgery to get rid of unnecessary fat. Surgery isn’t always the best way as there are risks involved. Luckily, Ashley got the body she wanted using natural methods.


Stress-eating is one of the best ways to gain weight, and people don’t realize that being a singer or celebrity can lead to many stress-inducing situations. Lady Antebellum’s lead singer, Hillary Scott, had gained so much weight when faced with various controversies a few years ago. She fell into an unconscious and unhealthy lifestyle, which resulted in her gaining weight. Good thing, it was not that late for her to get back into shape and retrieve the figure she previously had.

She decided to change all her habits and followed a strict diet plan to lose fat and excess body weight. She also coupled these healthier options for food with exercise. The journey was challenging for her. However, all the investment she poured into it, including time, efforts, dedication, and emotional struggles, was all worth it because she managed to drop 135 pounds out of her body. Her journey is proof that although changing your habits is hard, it is not impossible.


Meghan Trainor does not only deserve the applause of the public for her musical talent, but she also deserves recognition for earning all the right to brag about her healthy lifestyle. The moment she decided to cut her unwanted weight off was also when she committed to doing many physical activities and following a strict diet. It wasn’t a question of why Meghan would do it but how the singer could pursue the strict rules the singer set upon herself. She became conscious of what she’s been eating and how she kept her body in check.

Good thing for her, all these had paid off because her career started to blossom when the singer finally got the body figure she desired. Expectedly, this added even more fans and admirers to her community. Until today, the singer stays fit and passionate about having a healthy lifestyle. However, we do think Meghan needs to update her routine and diet plan since she is about to become a first-time mom.


Queen Latifah already got blessed with a curvy body structure, and even during the start of her career, people would notice her physique no matter what outfits she wore. Everyone can attest to the fact that Queen Latifah is one attractive lady. The only thing left to do was to get rid of those unnecessary lipids covering up her body. She was very determined to go for it and push through with losing the excess weight.

Ultimately, she decided to go to the gym and spent some time doing strenuous exercise. She believed it was a wise investment because she managed to shed almost ten percent of her original weight after a significant hustle. To spice her curvy body, even more, she went to the doctor and underwent breast surgery. She’s currently trying to maintain her healthy lifestyle to keep the figure she has worked hard for a long time.


John Goodman was one of the people who felt shocked and thankful at the same time after getting an award. It’s a weird feeling to get an award for body-shaming, and John certainly took his pride down for the sake of merit. He was named Hollywood’s “fat funny man,” and he felt terrible for receiving the award despite having many people who cheered for him. However, the actor was grateful because that motivated him to change his bad habits.

He started to contact a professional fitness instructor to guide him with his diet and exercise routines. All these emotional investments, time, effort, and money are worthwhile because he lost a total of 100 pounds. The public and industry are optimistic that he can maintain his current weight and stick with the healthy lifestyle he’s been doing to reach this far. Hopefully, the actor-comedian never goes through the same body-shaming experiences that he previously encountered.


Jerry Ferrera used to have little to no care about his weight, but when the time came that his health waned because of his negligence, things became serious. He was aware that he was overweight, but Jerry did not spend time minding it until he reached a shocking 203 pounds. Ferrera’s weight gain turned out to be something that would make him regret not taking care of his body better.

With the help of his fitness trainer and nutritionist, he started to make progress in losing weight until he lost a total of 55 pounds. He has never been so determined to live healthily. It was not for his decision to make a revolutionary investment in his physical health. He could have faced unexpected illnesses for his sedentary lifestyle. Right now, all he wants to do is be an inspiration to the people to pursue an active lifestyle as well.


It took a lot of discipline for Zach Galifianakis to look as good as he is today. It wasn’t easy achieving the body he wanted, but Zach credits his success to the effort and time he put into transforming his life. The actor restrained himself from alcohol, controlled his diet, and followed a weight loss program, which Zach cites as the main reason he succeeded in losing some pounds.

Indeed, Zach is more than just all the fun he brings in the entertainment industry, as he can also turn into a man with an unmatched resolve to succeed. He is a man full of determination and perseverance. The weight loss journey was undoubtedly not easy for him. However, he managed to take all the difficulties to gain the figure he used to dream about. Currently, he is trying to stay fit by following a proper diet and doing exercises regularly.


Alec Baldwin knew that sugar was his worst enemy to lose weight, so he managed to eliminate his sugar intake from his diet — the method he gave much credit to for being successful in his fitness journey. Many people can try a weight loss program and see minimal results that aren’t worth mentioning. It shows how disciplined and persevered Alec is towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. It was no surprise for anybody that he lost 30 pounds with this kind of diet and regular exercise.

Alec is definitely one of those few people who never resorted to surgical procedures or medication intakes to lose weight. He is a determined fighter, and he can surely maintain his current physique despite his busy schedule. It takes one to know how satisfying it can be to achieve something challenging, such as attaining an ideal body. Working in Hollywood sure has its challenges, and we’re glad Alec found the right method for himself.


For 50 Cent, it was either “not enough” or “too much.” He used to be overweight, so he decided to lose some weight to be a better version of himself. It is common to see rappers in the music industry, getting overweight as most artists in the rap scene used to wear baggy clothes in the past. 50 Cent forgot to evaluate his schedule, and it resulted in too much fatigue from work, and he lost too much body mass.

As many of you may know, going through this process is highly unhealthy. While a lot said that he only did it for a role in the movie Things Fall Apart; nevertheless, it was still detrimental for his physique. Because of this, he splurged some investment money to join a weight loss program. Thanks to his determination, effort, and the guidance of his trainer, 50 Cent lost weight and achieved the body that he so desired.


Anyone must be jealous of Ruben Studdard after winning one of the biggest singing contests in Hollywood — American Idol. However, there was one thing that people did not expect him to be struggling with — health and weight gain. He was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes brought about by his unhealthy diet and unwanted weight, leading to a chain of health problems, including unwanted body fat. Thus, he decided to invest in a weight loss program to influence his eating and physical training habits directly.

He gave all his dedication to it, and fortunately, he was able to achieve his desirable weight and handle his illness while juggling between training and his career. With Ruben’s determination to rectify his lifestyle, he surely can stay fit and maintain the lean appearance he has today. With that said, let Ruben’s experience be a lesson to all never to take your body for granted. Always focus on keeping your body healthy.


Like any other people who managed to lose weight, Ronnie Ortiz had his motivation, too. He was battling with kidney stones and drastic weight gain. With his determination to address these concerns accordingly, Ronnie decided to adopt a healthy diet and an exercise routine. Fortunately, he was successful in all the efforts he had made to become fit. Indeed, we must give him more credit for being more than just a famous television personality in Jersey Shore in 2009.

Currently, he looks leaner and healthier than ever before. He is now an inspiration to all the people who want to establish a revolutionary lifestyle. People can take from Ronnie’s weight loss journey that a healthy and fit body can achieve even if you have a severe health condition like him. People fail to see the importance of actually trying to change their lives before complaining and giving up. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. That goes to losing weight as well.


Jessica Simpson is one of the few people who managed to stay fit despite all the pressure she faced in the industry and the hormonal imbalance she encountered after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell. Jessica remained a hot topic in Hollywood for a long time because of her influence and achievements as a musician. Maxwell is at the receiving end of all her success and wealth, but Jessica claims to this day that Maxwell was both the reason and inspiration behind her weight loss transformation.

Everything about her has been so excellent. She is one of the most beautiful American singers of her generation with a fabulous physique. All of these are because of the investment she put on her diet and exercise routine. Besides that, she is one of the famous icons who promote a natural way of staying fit rather than extravagant surgeries and medications. We don’t know about you, but we sure are inspired by Jessica’s weight loss experience.


A terrible heartbreak was what brought Kevin Federline into the pit of excess fats and uncontrolled weight gain. Celebrities sometimes have a hard time coping with the media attention they’re getting and the burden of negative emotions they’re feeling. It’s a volatile combination that will almost always result in weight gain. He must have grieved terribly after his divorce from Britney Spears, which to this day, is one of the most influential singers in history.

Anyone could wonder how a great dancer like him would gain 200 pounds. Fortunately, just like every rain that pours, he managed to find his rainbow as well. He decided to join the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, a weight loss program that helped him move on and get back in shape. Indeed, he should be given credits for all this kind of strength and determination to continue to live a meaningful life after a depressing experience.


Mama June’s dilemma with her weight was so much that she had to resort to gastric sleeve surgery in 2016 to lose at least 75 percent of her stomach. Surgery isn’t a bad investment, especially if it reduces the risk of developing more severe health concerns. Her heaviest weight record was 460 pounds, an astonishing number even for regular individuals. Only she could tell us how she managed to make everything work for her despite the seemingly impossible weight that she had to lose.

Although she hired a professional trainer who helped her lose 84 pounds in three months, she made the brave choice that resulted in all these revolutionary milestones possible. Fortunately, she was able to reap the fruits of the investment she made with her weight-loss journey. She hit her 137-pound target and was able to maintain it up until today. It’s also good to see Mama June passing on the determination to her daughter Honey Boo Boo, who also lost an incredible amount of weight.


The Empire star is living a new life and has rocked social media with further updates on her tremendous weight loss. For more than a decade, Gabourey Sibide, who rose to fame playing the titular role in Precious in 2009, sought to lose weight naturally before opting for an operation. After she and her older brother were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Sidibe secretly had a weight loss surgery in May 2017. Sidibe has long been stubborn about her weight, maintaining that she was perfect the way she is. The actress said she was finally motivated to make a drastic effort after years of unsuccessfully attempting to lose pounds, and now that health problems are starting to take over.

Following the surgery’s success, she has improved her eating habits and consulted a nutritionist to help her. The operation admittedly helped Sibide, limiting her appetite. After her successful health investments, the star can definitely overcome more challenges that will come her way.


Chaz Bono was born under the Hollywood radar as the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher’s iconic pop duo. His showbiz career started with hundreds of appearances on their TV series, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Bono began to gain his degree of fame and started to distance himself from the eclipse of his parents’ stardom while appearing on shows like Dancing With the Stars and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

He has openly struggled with weight gain for several years. After tipping the scales at 250 pounds, Bono made a promise to lose weight and get well. Even though his initial target was to lose 50 pounds, he’s changed it to 80 pounds since then, and now, the star sticks to a vegetable-rich diet. The Dancing with the Stars season 13 contestant uses the ballroom moves he picked up on the reality contest to keep engaged, in addition to healthy eating habits. This transformation gave him the courage to pursue his dreams as an actor and be open to his true self.


Celine Dion’s voice reaches the walls of our hearts, reminding us of our lost love as the mighty Titanic sinks. Following the success of the iconic song My Heart Will Go On, she continued to release hit albums, contributing to her massive career investments. Celine once again set the internet ablaze after fans noticed her drastic weight loss. While her transformation kept us all wondering, the icon assured us that she remains strong.

Celine has always been slim and lean. She disclosed that she was taking ballet lessons and goes on a ballet tour four days a week. It burns a lot of calories, of course, imparting a svelte figure. Besides dancing, the singer also follows a strict diet with a little workout to help tone her muscles. Thankfully, she was able to address her diet issues and gave relief to her concerned followers.


Wendy Williams always has something to say, even when it comes to the most intimate degree of her health. The talk show diva has returned to the studio following a hiatus from recording The Wendy Williams Show at home. If you are surprised by her slimmer figure, you are not alone! The moment that she stepped on the stage assured all of us that she is healthier than ever. She even revealed that she lost 25 pounds!

As for how she did it—Wendy explained she was preparing meals for herself at home during quarantine and consuming foods such as king crab legs, hot dogs, and lobster. She says that it finally became “I’m finished with food” after plowing down on these high-calorie delights. Wendy cut down her calorie intake. The last thing she knew, she is already dropping weight. For the most part, we are glad to see her back.


Marie Osmond struggled with weight loss before making it to the fitting celebrities’ list. It was a tragedy since she has tried every sort of weight loss regime in her life. Osmond was never overweight growing up, but she was told to slim down when she starred on her 1976 variety show Donny & Marie. She gained weight after giving birth to her son. Marie struggled with her performances and experienced difficulties walking across the stage. That’s when she realized that she needed to do something about it.

Her weight loss did not transpire overnight; in fact, it took her four months to shed off 50 pounds-thanks to the NutriSystem program. The star acknowledged that she would not do her following projects if she did not get fit again. Osmond, who has faced a decades-long struggle with weight, has maintained her fitness investments. We are all excited to see what the future holds for her.


Fans were surprised when the singer-actress, who practically vanished after giving birth to her son, emerged with 70 pounds packed off her body. Her great degree of weight loss poses some questions: How did she get back into shape? Luckily, she was able to reveal her secrets. Six weeks after giving birth, the superstar started working out again-credits to her trainer, Paulette Sybiss. Janet frequently works out, doing intense, 45-minute sessions concentrating on strength training rather than conventional cardio. Jackson’s target was to lose weight, but Sybliss needed the singer to get some lean muscle, so she had the stamina and power to cope with her challenging tour schedule.

Surprisingly, she is not following any meal plans and eats whatever she wants, just in moderation. Since she is working out, Janet consumes carbs, protein, and healthy fats, and the singer swears by it. Sounds like a meal plan to get everyone on board!


Keely Shaye Smith, a journalist, and wife of James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, was constantly scrutinized for her appearance and well-being. After the birth of her twins, she began gaining weight. Her weight gain has been captured in pictures for years, but it did not deter her from loving herself. However, the kind of responsibility of being a famous actor’s wife and a mother to their kids pushed her to get rid of unhealthy eating patterns and health investments.

She chose to start her weight loss journey by working out and eating healthy. Like most of us, it has a lot to do with diet plans. She promised to eat in a safe and balanced way. Not only that, but she has also committed to exercising to maintain weight daily. Let women like Keely be your inspiration, for it is not as easy to lose 120 pounds. Kudos to her!


We cannot think of any well-loved reality star aside from Susan Boyle. With her incredible singing voice, beautiful smile, and winning personality, she became a famous singer to come out of Britain’s Got Talent franchise. Today, more than a decade after her initial brush with fame, Boyle remains the same simple woman she has always been. Aside from her massive career investments, we cannot help but notice her mind-blowing transformation.

Susan has found it challenging to cope with her rigorous and exhausting schedule, aside from her body image and weight problems. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the star battled to give up chocolate and candy. In addition to changing her diet, she credits her 50 pounds weight loss to exercise and taking supplements. Not just that she could speed up her metabolism, it also helped her manage her diabetes. Way to go, Susan!


If you are someone from the ’90s, you would recognize her. Not just for the inventive way she famously spells her name, but also for her funny works as a stand-up comic in The Parkers. While Mo’Nique has done well with her career investments over the last two decades, there is one aspect that she fought- her weight. The best-supporting actress revealed that her scale once tipped at 300, but she is now close to her goal of 190 to 200 pounds, surprisingly.

The star credits two things for her weight loss journey: a raw food diet and her trainer’s dancing routine. She has been consistently sharing her workouts with Holt, promising to share her “weight loss and getting well” journey with her fans. Indeed, the 53-year old actress looks younger, and she must be proud of her ability to lose weight like that.


The Vicar of Dibley star, Dawn French, is now at the other end of the scale following a great degree of weight loss. In recent years, the star has shred weight significantly – how did she lose over seven stones? As fans will remember, Dawn decided to lose weight after discovering that she was at risk of uterine cancer. Dawn was given a choice to have an invasive operation but opted for Laparoscopy instead. However, to perform the surgery successfully, doctors told her that she would need to lose weight to ensure success.

Instead of losing the pounds the easier way, she chose to do it healthily. Dawn kick-off her journey by changing her lifestyle and taking up walking. She started counting calories as well, dropping her weight in no time. After she achieved her target weight, Dawn continued to workout more and ate less- but she’s not too strict with herself. After all, the talented actress is happy and comfortable with her skin, regardless of her size.


The reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson has one of the most athletic and hourglass curves among Hollywood celebrities. Genetically slender, Kendra needs to preserve her feminine curvy figure forever by being very prudent about her wellness investments. The blonde beauty grew forty pounds overweight, but she gradually recovered her pre-baby body with her arduous diet and exercises.

Kendra banks by abiding by a portion-regulated diet and eating what she loves but make sure her portion size is minimal. She uses small plates during meals and also avoided eating greasy red meat. Kendra is self-motivated and does exercise first thing in the morning. She genuinely loves the sweaty and grueling workout sessions and feels incredibly invigorated. Being fit is not just a mother’s necessity; it’s also your baby’s requirement since you can not take good care of your baby unless you are hale.


Have you ever wondered how Charlize Theron maintains her suitable career investments at the same time raising two children on her own? Consider this one a twofer because we did a deep dive into her diet and regime of exercise. Theron noted that a large part of the challenge was to acknowledge that her body was different from when she was in her 20s, and that suggests that her path to weight loss was also different. She opened up about her passion for pilates and her preference for a diet focused on plants.

Charlize stays away from alcohol and relies on protein-packed vegetables, dark leafy greens, and fruits for each meal. We admire Theron for being so transparent and frank about the transformation of her body. We have a feeling that so many women are going to connect and feel so much better about their tribulations and body trials, knowing that everyone, including Hollywood actresses, is going through it too.


The stunning woman born in California earned her degree of fame as the Black Eyed Peas singer. She is known not just for her singing prowess but also for her elegance and physique. Always energetic on stage, Fergie even manages to keep her body well maintained even in motherhood. How does a woman in her 40s do it? Thanks to a customized meal plan developed by a Hollywood nutritionist, Fergie recently lost 10 pounds. She follows a daily diet, and her athletic body is the product of plenty of exercises and nutritious food. The singer is fond of yogurt, lean protein, and spinach. Her meal plan consists of consuming healthy foods, eating organic foods, and monitoring the portions.

Fergie insists that she is not prohibited from consuming any food. She does, however, adapt her diet to her requirements. To top it all, she is also adding yoga and belly dancing to her healthy lifestyle. Although some tips on the Fergie diet can be helpful, it is still best to consult a nutritionist before starting one.


Many Breaking Bad viewers were surprised that star Anna sported a slender new body that looked very different from her role, Skyler White. Gunn had her career investments with a transformative sense of reality, whether playing a desperate yet optimistic New York drug addict or the stalwart wife of a frontier sheriff. Anna established herself as genuine and trustworthy talent in a profession that puts quality and consistency above celebrity.

How did the actress shed pounds? The Breaking Bad star was never overweight, but she gained weight during her treatment for an ailment she was dealing with, leaving her vulnerable to scrutiny for her weight. The actress wanted to deal head-on with the issue and now looks decidedly lean. Gunn also has two children to run after and a balanced eating schedule while doing Pilates to help keep her in shape.


Aside from being one of the highly-respected actors in Hollywood, Christian Bale is also known as a master of transformations. From being a skinny insomniac to a superhero buff, he can change in a snap. His acting versatility earned him an immeasurable degree of fame and fortune. The Machinist was a perfect showcase for Christian as an actor, but his physical transformation was what surprised us.

The complete dedication of Bale to the part saw him dieting for months before production. Besides the occasional whiskey, his diet consisted of an apple, tuna, and coffee every day. That is equivalent to daily consumption of about 200 calories. He also smoked a lot, resulting in Bale losing 62 pounds in weight, or four and a half stone. He decided to slim down to 45kg, but the film’s producers stopped him for health reasons. That’s a lot of weight to lose for a movie role, no wonder how he gained his reputation as a fine actor.


American veteran actress Kathy Bates has proven to the world that young people are not the only one who has to stay fit as she dropped an impressive 60 pounds through her mindfulness and having the courage to push the plate away. Bates, who has been appearing in numerous theatre and film productions since the late ’70s-’80s, described her weight loss as a miracle. Her weight loss journey made her feel healthier as she knew before losing 60 pounds that it’s time to make a lifestyle while she was facing diabetes, which runs in her family.

The weight loss also has a positive effect on her post-cancer lymphedema. In 2017, award-winning actress and Lymphatic Education and Research Network spokesperson, Bates and panelists called for greater investments and collaboration in medical research.


One of the famous British singer-songwriters, Kelly Osbourne, built a career as an actress, television personality, and fashion designer. Known for her appearances in The Osbournes, Kelly has been the subject of several criticisms, mainly focused on her weight which ruined her self-esteem. Her dance partner, Louis van Amstel in Dancing With the Stars, introduced her to the effects of living healthy that Kelly’s life turned around. She learned that an investment in her physical health is also an investment in her emotional health and confidence.

After suffering a seizure, she took care of her health and well-being by working with a trainer and started doing long hikes, which eventually led to her working out in the gym. At present, Kelly remains committed to her healthy lifestyle. She even showed off her 85-pound weight loss during her 36th birthday.


A former member of the group Steps, the pop group that shook the music stage from 1997 until 2001, Claire Richards has kept her slim figure for years following her struggle with weight fluctuations in the past. During those previous years, Claire admitted that she developed an emotional relationship with food which caused her to lose and re-gain weight non-stop for a certain period. When she found out that her weight was causing her infertility, she decided to make investments in her physical health.

Claire has managed to control her weight through exercising portion control. She became mindful of her eating habits, focusing on nutritious foods such as yogurt and fruits. She follows an eating plan of around 1,500 calories a day. This fitness strategy made her lose 80 pounds, and at present, she remains physically fit.


If you think the English actor, comedian, and the host of The Last Show With James Corden, James Corden, is a “big guy,” he was even bigger before he managed to keep his weight low with the help of Amelia Freer, his nutritional therapist. Corden, who is best known for making “Carpool Karaoke” a part of the current pop culture, opened up about his struggles with weight loss in a chat with Oprah wherein he mentioned that he’s been doing some exercise, which he hates.

Freer helped Corden in his weight loss journey by guiding him into a new lifestyle of eating differently. Corden, whose investment money went to Fulwell 73, a decision most called “wise” as it helped more than double his wealth, also found a personal trainer to design a program that suited him. His efforts have bear fruit in the form of losing 80 pounds.


The change in the lifestyle habits of New Zealand film director, producer, and screenwriter Peter Jackson resulted in the impressive loss of 70 pounds, making him look thinner when he appeared for the promotion of his film The Hobbit. His figure’s transformation stunned and garnered wowed reactions from everybody, and the product of his weight loss strategy called Skull Island Diet, in honor of the fictional home of the famous ape, King Kong.

Peter’s weight loss strategy is not something too complicated. It consists of swapping junk food for lean sources of protein, unrefined carbohydrates, and vegetables. Interestingly, Peter, who put millions of dollars of his investment money into a blockbuster movie museum and convention center in his hometown Wellington, New Zealand, has been able to keep the weight off even though he doesn’t work out. Peter is the third highest-grossing film director of all time.


While not having any problems with her weight, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer still managed to change her body figure for the better as she dropped 20 pounds despite not spending long hours in the gym. Her secret? A switch-up in her cardio routine. Meyer, who holds a degree in English Literature from Brigham Young University, used to be a little overweight, but she started running, which is something she hates and loves at the same time.

Meyer’s sister, who is a big runner, supported the change in her routine. She expressed wanting to run in races together with Meyer. Meyer was one of the most promising new authors of 2005, is living with her husband and three sons in Arizona. Her latest work, Midnight Sun, retells Twilight from the perspective of the century-old vampire Edward Cullen.


The Real star Adrienne Bailon flaunted her incredible quarantine weight loss in the jaw-dropping bikini photo taken by her husband, Israel Houghton, whom she met in 2013 while filming In Love With a Church Girl. The former member of “The Cheetah Girls” had first revealed her 20-pound weight loss in May 2020, saying that staying healthy is at the top of her mind during the pandemic.

The American television host, singer, actress, and entrepreneur has her investments focused on health and explained how she had gone plant-based and changed her relationship with food and fitness. She also mentioned having a strict routine is key as she has been consistent with her self-discipline despite it being so hard at times. Her personal trainer, Massy Arias, also shared her strictly healthy diet, downing two plant-based protein beverages in a day.


Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker has always been a hulking figure of a man who took his fans by surprise when they saw The Last King of Scotland star 80 pounds slimmer as stepped out on stage during the Oscars in March 2010. The sudden change in Forest’s physique came to be after he cut off fatty foods from his diet and decided to go full-on vegetarian, applying one of the best weight loss programs most would have a hard time following.

According to Forest, the said diet allowed him to consume more low-calorie vegetables. He added that it is a good way to lose weight and avoid health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and several types of cancer. Forest, who is UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace and Reconciliation and SDG Advocate for the UN, in 2017, deepened his investment in the lives of former child soldiers and refugees in Uganda and South Sudan.


American actress Sally Struthers, who starred in All in the Family and Gilmore Girls, had a significant change in her lifestyle and shocked fans when she suddenly stepped on the red carpet in 2012, looking slimmer. While she did not confirm how she lost weight, there are talks and rumors that she might have opted for surgery. With her total financial worth, which hit $8 million in 2019, any operation wouldn’t be too costly for the star. Regardless, her fans were happy with the change in her physique.

Sally, a daughter of a surgeon, starred in many series in the early 1970s. Apart from acting in television series, Sally also played several roles on the musical stage like the by-the-book principal Miss Lynch, with her many Grease tours, and as the scheming orphanage operator Miss Hannigan in several road productions of Annie. Sally is separated from her former husband and is now a mother of one daughter who made a career as a clinical psychologist. She was also a prime spokesperson for the Christian Children’s Fund on TV.


In her post on Instagram in 2020, Australian actress and Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson declared the year to be a “year of health” for her. And this declaration truly paid off as she reached her goal weight in November 2020 after several workout sessions with her trainer Jono Castano and lost more than 60 pounds. Still on her health and fitness journey for over a year, she lost over 20 kilograms, showing off her weight loss transformation while wearing what appeared to be a leather catsuit.

While several people speculated that Rebel underwent weight-loss surgery, the “Fat Amy” of Pitch Perfect claimed that her weight loss program included nothing but smaller portions, a lot of discipline, and a healthier lifestyle. Her trainer, Jono, shared that the most important part of Rebel’s weight loss journey is her consistency. Rebel, who sold her second investment property in Sydney for nearly $1 million, has a net worth of $22 million.


America Ferrera, who gained international fame when she acted the character of “Ugly Betty,” was seen as a celebrity who had some pronounced curves. However, the American actress, producer, and editor gained a significant weight when she started missing out on her exercises and severe stress. Ferrera, like any other star, regained her original physique by undergoing a healthy and active lifestyle. Her lifestyle change helped her to achieve her goals.

Ferrera, who earned her bachelor’s degree in international relations at USC Dornsife, shared her weight loss plan that consists of high-intensity workouts and participating in Triathlons. A part of her regime is to consume lean proteins to build muscle and never skip breakfast. Her tips in losing weight? Consume natural metabolism booster in the morning and early afternoon and consume some protein, and drink water.


Jorge Garcia’s weight has been a topic of discussion ever since he played the role of Hugo in ABC’s drama series Lost. Some of his fans were concerned that some suggested that only gastric bypass could help him lose weight. However, the American actor and comedian opted to adopt veganism, a diet that includes only plant-based products.

Jorge changed his eating habits with the support of a team of nutrition experts as well as with the help of workout coaches. He also Nooch, or Nutritional Yeast, which considers being one of the most efficient ways of losing weight. Jorge, who earned his degree from the University of California Los Angeles, quit alcohol and began to work out regularly, including some exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, arm circles, and jogging or running.


Rumors circulated in the model industry of actress, model, and TV personality Jennifer Gimenez undergoing harmful diets and spent too many hours working out to keep herself in the business of professional modeling. She became as heavy as 263 lbs after she went through years of drinking. However, Jennifer lost 100 pounds when she focused her investment on a new healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer started working with a trainer who helped her learn new ways to challenge her body. Eventually, as she wanted to keep losing weight, she began to change up her workouts. Jennifer began swimming 45 minutes to one hour almost every day for three months. She also did some yoga. Her eating habits also changed, with her diet now including chicken tacos that use brown rice and corn taco shells as a healthier option. Jennifer also kept a food journal wherein she wrote down what she ate, why she ate it, and how she felt when she ate it.


One of the world’s highest-paid singers of all time, American singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality Christina Aguilera has always been in great shape. However, after giving birth to her son in 2008, Christina struggled with returning to her former slender self, weighing around 200 pounds in less than a year. She went on a diet and lost weight for the movie Burlesque in 2009. Unfortunately, she regained the weight she lost after her divorce from Jordan Bratman.

In 2013, Christina took a break from being a judge in The Voice and decided to change her physical and mental health. She started attending yoga classes and followed a strict diet, subscribing to a meal service from The Fresh Diet that allowed her to consume 1,600 calories per day. She also followed the “rainbow diet,” wherein she would only consume foods based on their color. Christina has a net worth of $160 million and has put her investment money in real estate and stocks which provides her yearly revenues of around $1 million.


Going vegan and staying sober made wonders to the physique of American actor and comedian Craig Robinson. The musician and singer, who is best known for his roles as Darryl Philbin in The Office and Doug Judy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, dropped about 50 pounds after starting a workout regime and going vegan in his diet. Craig said that changing his diet has not been as hard as he expected as there are so many vegan restaurants and dishes.

Craig earned his degree in music from Illinois State University, and his Master of Education from Saint Xavier University has a net worth of roughly $6 million. He began doing stand-up and taking classes in improv and acting at The Second City in Chicago while he was still in college. Apart from The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Craig starred in Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machine, This Is The End and Morris From America.


Moderation is the key. That is what actor and comedian Wayne Knight has discovered in his weight loss journey. The actor has been active since 1979, and he is renowned for many of his roles. Knight played Newman on the American sitcom Seinfeld, and while we will always remember the chubby mailman, the actor has moved on to a much healthier way of living.

He didn’t have to go through any serious procedures though he found out that he just needed to keep everything in moderation and that didn’t need to stop the things he enjoyed. Wayne just had to tone down some of his unhealthy habits to a certain degree. When he stopped his unhealthy habits and partnered them with the right training program, he got rid of 40 pounds in no time!


American actor and comedian Vince Vaugh has multiple awards and nominations under his belt, and he has been involved in more than fifty projects. However, given his exceptional talent and the fact that he has been active since 1988, this is no surprise as he deserves the credit. If you have been keeping up with the actor and his films, then you might have noticed both his weight gain and weight loss.

The actor said it was easy to lose or gain weight for him. He just had to quit smoking. Later on, he added that he didn’t even completely stop. It looks like he just had to stop for some time and then started again, but this time, in moderation. In addition to this, he also did some exercise. Although, he didn’t make use of any fancy gym equipment. The actor’s chosen exercise routine is simply walking with his trainer with bottled water.


The Age of Adeline and A Simple Favor actress Blake Lively has garnered several roles to her credit. Furthermore, she has been nominated a lot of times and even snatched quite a few awards. Other than her title roles, she is also known as the spouse and partner of Ryan Reynolds as the two have made Hollywood gush quite a few times with their gentle bantering as husband and wife.

In 2014, Lively was pregnant with their first child and gained a fair amount of weight. After the delivery, a challenge presented itself to the actress. She was asked to shoot for the movie, The Shallows. Instead of backing out, the star took on the challenge and engaged in an intensive workout regimen partnered with a strict diet. In just a couple of months, she lost at least 60 pounds! The effort and determination surely did pay off as the movie was a hit, and Lively seemed to love her body more than ever!


American Idol’s youngest winner, Jordin Sparks, decided to take a different approach in her weight loss journey. It seems the singer didn’t believe complete restriction was the best way for her. Instead of completely eliminating some food choices, she chose to cut her diet down to some degree. Unhealthy food choices were replaced with healthier options. Taking a look and cutting out or replacing what she consumes was the first step of her weight loss.

A little later in her journey, she started to exercise and follow a training program. While she worked out five times a week, she learned to take it little by little. Instead of giving up when she can’t do a specific routine, she chose to move on to the next. This routine may not be the common way some people imagine, but she lost 50 pounds in this process! Way to go, Jordin!


Broadway, anyone? Aren’t theaters and theatrical performances just dreamy and magical? Maybe Jennifer Holliday felt the same way! The American singer started her venture into the industry on Broadway musicals such as Dreamgirls. Later on, she became a successful recording artist wherein she even got a Grammy and a Tony Award! The star, however, encountered some hurdles and challenges with her weight. But Holliday was not a quitter! She had a lot of gas, and she took her problem for a ride it won’t forget!

The actress decided to face the issue and undergone gastric bypass surgery. She is now known to be one of the very first celebrities to bravely undergoing this procedure. Her courage did not go to waste, as the actress was able to lose at least a total of 124 pounds from the surgery alone.


Do you still remember the crime drama series Breaking Bad? If you said yes, then surely you still remember Saul Goodman’s bodyguard, Huell Babineaux! Yes, the guy who beat that cop with a bag of sandwiches. The role played by Lavell Crawford has bagged and has the credit for a few other bodyguard roles. His physique might have partly helped him land on those roles, but while it might have aided him in his career, it was not good for his health.

It was something the star realized and thankfully did not ignore. He decided to take action, but exercise and diet were no longer an option, so he went for gastric sleeve surgery. With the procedure, the star was able to lose at least a good 120 pounds. Now in better health, we could expect the star in more amazing roles!


Widely known for her role as Laura Spencer on the longest-running American soap opera – General Hospital – is Genie Francis. The actress came across weight problems, but instead of giving up, she decided to take action. Her weight loss journey started with a proper diet partnered with proper exercise. She followed the guide of a nutrition company and asked for help and assistance from a personal trainer. With this, the star was able to lose at least 55 pounds in total.

We should take note that it is one thing to ask for assistance or aid but another thing to follow through with it. At the end of the day, Genie deserves the credit for her weight loss, as it was mainly her perseverance and determination that pulled her through. So, let’s all say, way to go, Genie!


Do you still remember 50 First Dates? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten just like Lucy Whitemore! Lucy is the protagonists’ love interest with short-term memory loss. This role was played by Drew Barrymore, a multi-awardee American actress, director, and producer. Over the years, the actress has gained a few pounds. To some degree, it might be because of pregnancy and its natural aftermath. She has expressed that she loves her girls, and whatever weight she had gained was a challenge she was willing to face for them.

While the weight gain was nothing serious, the actress decided to take preventive measures and not let it worsen. She went on a low-carb diet and followed the healthy lifestyle pioneered by wellness expert, Kimberly Snyder. Following through with the diet, she has lost at least a total of 20 pounds.


Mariah Carey, the Songbird Supreme, undoubtedly has reached some of the highest notes the world will ever get to hear. However, with the highs, the star has also encountered some lows. In 2011 she was blessed with twins. With the pregnancy and the aftermath, the singer-songwriter gained around 70 pounds. The star has then adhered to a certain kind of diet that she had partnered with proper exercise. Carey said that 90 percent of the weight loss in her journey was all thanks to her diet and workout regime.

Some specifics regarding her diet would be that she has decided to cut off processed sugar to a large degree and sticks with proteins. She asked for the aid of a nutritionist with her journey, and in just a few months after she started her new lifestyle, the singer was able to shed off 45 pounds!


Singer-songwriter Adele has wowed the world with her amazing voice, but in addition to that, she decided to surprise everyone by suddenly showing up with her new figure! The star’s physique has never posed any hurdles for her career, but that’s the whole point! The singer went on this weight loss journey for her and her loved ones. She didn’t do this to please others.

When she started on her journey, the singer asked for the aid of a personal trainer. While she was already working out before, it is during this time that she started getting into a proper workout while partnering it with better meal plans. As for her exercise, her trainer revealed that the singer’s choice was weight training. So far, it has been reported that the star has already lost at least 40 pounds in total. As her trainer has said Adele, surely does deserve the credit for this.


I think everyone, even professionals, would agree when I say that exercising is hard. Yes? Well, other than disliking exercise, Jennifer Hudson’s busy schedule has posed a problem in that area. Hudson is an American singer and actress that has bagged more than just two dozen awards! If you were doubtful about the singer’s schedule earlier, I think I’ve rested my case.

More than focusing on removing excess weight, Hudson took a preventive approach wherein she focuses more on what she eats and puts in her body. More than restricting herself to certain kinds of food, she has chosen to prohibit the amount to a certain degree. The actress is known to be a chocolate lover. She doesn’t deprive herself of this but has learned to lessen the amount of chocolate she consumes in a day. Overall, her weight has dropped around 80 pounds!


Oprah Winfrey has been open about the things that have happened in her past. The talk show host has used food to cope with what she has gone through and has caused some weight problems. After learning that her weight is posing a threat to her health, she has decided to take action.

The philanthropist started her weight loss journey with Weight Watchers. It is a company that is focused on programs that helps individuals lose weight while creating healthy habits. She has said that the company has changed her life. It looks like she is more than willing to attest to that since she has made some investments in the company. It seems that with every challenge, the talk show host will always choose to face and conquer those problems. From 237 pounds, she has dropped to 160 pounds. Healthy and happy, just like how we like our beloved talk show host!


The thirty-year-old English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran seems to have a simple tip for weight loss. Cut beer out. The A Team composer is one of the most popular musicians of this generation. Going on hiatus after some time, but still coming back to the same fans and creating new ones in the process. His talents have certainly kept everyone anticipating his return.

The star said that his diet was practically the same and just excluded beer from the menu. While it seems that the star did not ask help from a personal trainer, he did say that he exercised regularly. He surprised everyone when he suddenly appeared slimmer than he used to be. Having said this, it seemed like his physique has never affected his success. Nevertheless, the star has lost around 50 pounds, and he deserves the credit!


Ricky Gervais originally wanted to be and started his career in the music industry, but it seems like that didn’t work out for him. Although he wasn’t able to fulfill his original plan, you know what they say, another door opens when one closes. He turned into the comedy film industry, where he got the credit he deserves. He has been nominated several times and now has some of the most coveted awards under his belt!

His weight loss journey started when he decided to cut down some weight when he got invited to host the Golden Globes for the second time around. He started on a weight loss regime which included a healthy diet and a workout regime. He was successful in this journey and was able to lose 40 pounds, and amazingly, he’s still going!


You probably know or at least heard of the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The credit for the creation of the said masterpiece belongs to Shonda Rhimes. On another note, it was one flight to LA that pulled her attention towards her health issue. While on the plane – just before take-off – the executive producer realized that she could not lock in her seat belt. She recalled that she had two options then, either to ask for an extender or to go through with the flight unbuckled. Despite the hazard, Shonda chose to remain unfastened.

This incident became the catalyst for the start of her weight loss journey. First, she changed her diet to a keto-friendly one and added a workout program. In an interview, the TV screenwriter and producer expressed that she struggled with the journey but was thrilled with the results. It might have been tough, but she lost 127 pounds!


Nelly Furtado is one of the highly successful Canadian singers of all time, and she catapulted to fame immediately after releasing her debut album. She has sold tens of millions of records throughout her career and won several awards, including a BRIT Award and a Grammy Award. Her musical style is quite unique and varied, and she has experimented with trip-hop, pop, Latin folk, and hip-hop.

In recent years, Furtado struggled with fluctuating weight, but she responded with a happy-go-lucky attitude. As for her incredible curves, the singer credited The Abs Diet for her sculpted figure. The diet program is high in proteins and complex carbs, and Furtado found it effective that she religiously stuck to it since then. The gorgeous musician also hits the gym three to four times a week and practices workouts, including interval training and cardio work.


Rising to fame as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt went on to make waves in the entertainment scene by starring as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. In 2015, he was named one of the most bankable stars and earned $18 million from various endeavors between June 2016 and June 2017. Since then, he has upscaled his net worth and credit score in the film industry.

However, portraying his best-selling roles is no easy feat. For instance, he had to lose 60 pounds in 6 months for his Star-Lord character. His secret? Various workouts involving running, boxing, kickboxing, swimming, and even a triathlon. His nutritionist, Phil Goglia, adjusted his caloric intake to 4,000 calories a day and paired up his meals with lots of water. Then, Pratt shocked the world by becoming a ripped heartthrob almost overnight.


Hailed as the Queen of Funk-Soul, Chaka Khan first shined on to the music scene in the ’70s as the frontwoman of the band, Rufus. She went on to pursue a solo career and become a 10-time Grammy Award winner. She was also named the first R&B artist to have a crossover song featuring a rapper, with her 1984 hit I Feel for You. Since then, Khan has continued to be in the limelight and produced more hit songs.

Through her four decades of entertaining, the singer went through a hectic period that she almost lost track of her health. “When I developed diabetes, I said, ‘A change is coming.'” Khan revealed in an interview. True enough, she dropped over 75 pounds and was able to maintain it. She credits a vegan diet, a strict liquid diet, and protein for her weight loss.


Simon Cowell is one of the highly successful personalities of both the television and music industries over the last 30 years. He is a British music executive who eventually became one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities. In a typical year, Cowell earns $50 to $100 million from his various investments. He is best known for producing and judging three shows: The X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent.

In 2017, the media personality had a major health scare after being hospitalized for low blood pressure, which led him to fall down the stairs and suffer a concussion. His doctor advised him to eliminate dairy, sugar, bread, red meat, and gluten from his diet. He then followed a plant-based diet, began exercising, and was able to lose a total of 60 pounds. “You feel better, you look better,” said Cowell in an interview.


Kevin Smith gained a degree of notoriety after directing the comedy film Clerks, which he also wrote, co-produced, and acted in. Afterward, he went on to become a significant figure in the entertainment scene and launched his own comic book shop in New Jersey called Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

Throughout the years, the filmmaker has had notable issues with his weight. While he has had lost incredible amounts of weight in the past, the star often reverts to being overweight. After suffering a major heart attack on stage while doing a stand-up routine in February 2018, he opted to become vegan. As of 2019, the vegan diet is helping him achieve a healthier lifestyle and weight. Smith is now 50 pounds lighter and a lot happier. “I’ve given up animal food products and sugar, mostly,” the comedian revealed.


Rosie O’Donnell began her career as a teenager and became a household name after appearing on the television series Star Search in 1984. After working in a series of film and television roles that introduced her to a broader audience, she hosted her own syndicated daytime talk show between 1996 and 2002, which won a number of Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition to her on-screen pursuits, O’Donnell has also worked as a celebrity blogger, magazine editor, and author of several memoirs.

After years of hard work and many investments, the television personality refuses to compromise her health any longer. After having a heart attack, O’Donnell settled on gastric bypass surgery to help her shed off some pounds. She went on from 240 to 176 pounds. O’Donnell said the procedure helped control her appetite, and she doesn’t have sleep apnea anymore.


Jordin Sparks is widely recognized for winning the sixth season of American Idol at the age of 17, holding the title of being the youngest-ever winner of the reality series competition. Over the next few years, her career and fame continued to progress, and she has released a handful of successful albums. Besides music, Sparks is also an established actress in terms of film/TV work and stage acting, appearing in Sparkle and In The Heights.

Sparks made the headlines when she gave herself a healthy makeover and lost an impressive 50 pounds! To lose weight, she mixed up her fitness investments with boxing, Zumba, and running. While exercise alone won’t do the trick, she gave her diet a complete overhaul. The singer-actress said, “My whole journey has been about self-acceptance.” She also shared that there’s no quick way to lose weight, and one must have to do it the natural way — exercise and diet.


Born Alana Frances Thompson, Honey Boo Boo rose to fame on the reality series, Toddlers and Tiaras, a child pageant reality show. She then starred in her own show in 2012–2014 titled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. After it ended, the TV personality appeared on her mother’s series Mama June: From Not to Hot, which aired from 2017 to 2020. She then joined as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

As you probably know, Honey Boo Boo has lived much of her life with a heavy weight. Nonetheless, the young television star wasn’t bothered until her mom, June Shannon, embarked on a weight loss journey. She lost 300 pounds, which inspired Honey Boo Boo to have her own weight loss regimen. We’re not sure how much weight she lost or whether she has insurance, but looking at her latest photo, she definitely looks healthier and happier.


British comedian Peter Kay appeared on the entertainment scene with a bang, starring in That Peter Kay Thing on Channel 4. He also appeared in the 2015 sitcom Cradle to Grave. Kay has produced, written, and acted in several film and television projects— not to mention; he has authored three books. Due to his contribution to entertainment, Kay was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from his University of Salford in July 2016.

In recent times, the comedian’s weight loss has not gone unnoticed by fans. While his large frame has made him recognizable throughout the years, the insiders claim that Kay has shed some pounds recently. He has never spoken out about his weight loss until now. It remains unknown if the funnyman has been on a diet plan or whether he began to exercise. Kudos to him, though; weight loss definitely looks good on him.


While she tells us time and time again that she’s not a chef, Rachael Ray has nonetheless become one of the most successful figures in the culinary industry. Her soulful cookbooks have proven incredibly lucrative on an international level, and her cooking shows have made her a household name. As of 2020, Ray earns around $25 million annually from her various investments, primarily from her book sales and television show salary.

We know how hard it is to work in the food industry without gaining weight. For the charming celebrity, however, she managed to drop 40 pounds recently. Ray does a mix of strength training and cardio. She also pointed out that regular exercise has helped her mental health. “I just have a much cleaner, clearer vision every day,” the celebrity cook shared on one occasion. Besides working out, Ray also follows a balanced diet.


Best known as Bernadette Wolowitz in the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch began her career as a stand-up comedienne. She later became a valuable figure in the New York comedy scene. Since appearing in the popular comedy series, the actress was featured in a string of TV sitcom/dramas, including The Office, True Blood, and Kath and Kim. At the peak of The Big Bang Theory’s success, her salary was boosted to a significant degree— from $75,000 to $500,000 per episode.

Known for her petite size and high-pitched voice in the comedy show, Rauch actually looked chubbier during the show’s run. Surprisingly, she recently became a trending topic after she lost weight. Rauch started eating healthy and mostly avoided eating junk and processed foods. She also got rid of eating starchy, fatty, and sugary foods and began consuming those that have high nutritional content instead.


Amy  Schumer’s claim to fame is her appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2007. She created, co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in the Emmy-winning show Inside Amy Schumer and also appeared in the 2015 comedy film Trainwreck, which grossed over $140 million worldwide. Schumer landed The New York Times Best Seller list after publishing her book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. She was also the only female to have ever made Forbes’ list of the highest-paid comedians in 2016.

With a string of achievements and investments, the comedian also had her fair share of sad news. She recently revealed her diagnosis of Lyme disease, which led to her weight loss. The comedian has been candid about embracing her body through its changes, whether after childbirth or Lyme disease. Schumer shed light on the fact that weight changes can result from different things, including an illness.


E.J. Johnson is perhaps known as the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson. Little was known about him until he appeared on the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Recently, Johnson has made appearances on various talk shows, and as part of his lucrative deal with the network, he has starred on E! News and Fashion Police. He was offered his own spin-off reality show called EJNYC, which followed his life after hiring a moving company back to New York.

In 2014, the socialite went through gastric sleeve surgery and lost 180 pounds. Until today, he is not shy to share that he maintains his current weight and embarks on a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to exercise, he revealed that he loves to do Pilates four days a week. He also suggested finding a friend or a trainer to give you extra motivation to exercise.


Graham Elliot began working as a dishwasher and busboy when he was eighteen. He attended culinary school and started working at five-star restaurants immediately after he earned his degree. From a five-star restaurant in Texas, Elliot went on to work at Vermont’s The Jackson House Inn & Restaurant, where he was named one of “Best New Chef’s of 2004” by the Food & Wine Magazine. This recognition led to more opportunities, including opening his own restaurants. He has then served as a judge on Top Chef Masters and MasterChef.

The celebrity chef recently made headlines when he lost a staggering 150 pounds. He used to weigh 400 pounds, all thanks to gastric sleeve surgery— he looks fantastic now. Thankfully, the culinary star currently has lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure after he stripped back his diet to that of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.


Media personality and socialite Kourtney Kardashian is known for being the eldest child of lawyer Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner. She and her sisters appeared on the hit series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The family show has been a smash hit since 2007 that until today, it is still on the air. In case you didn’t know, Kardashian also ventured into businesses, including a makeup collection and a clothing line.

Other than her obvious financial-savvy, the socialite has been praised for her amazing body even after giving birth to three kids. She lost all her pregnancy weight after going through a rigorous diet and exercise routine. The 41-year-old personality has long endorsed an organic, dairy-free ketogenic diet from which she attributed her physique. She also advised against consuming refined sugars and salt. Kardashian added that she visits the gym six times a week and undergoes a routine of mixed cardio and endurance.

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