Celebrities Who Are Naturally Gorgeous

As you all know, when it comes to the entertainment industry, one of their most valuable investments are their faces. No wonder a lot of celebrities are now wearing makeup (even men!) which makes us wonder how these celebrities look like without any makeup on their faces. So to give you a little treat, we have rounded up the celebrities who are naturally gorgeous even without any makeup. These celebrities are not only beautiful but are very talented as well. Start going through our list below!


One of the celebrities who is known for her natural beauty is Kristen Bell. Besides her beauty, she is a hilarious and genuine woman. She is a singer, producer, and actress. She was born and raised with a well-off family since her mother is a registered nurse, and her father is a television news director. In that case, Kristen doesn’t have issues with student loans in her university days.  At her young age, she found her expertise and talent in the entertainment industry.

She had numerous TV shows and movies, like when she appeared in Lifetime’s television film with high ratings. Her latest appearance is in the front of The Good Place on Netflix and as a voice actress in Frozen’s movie. Besides acting, she also raises awareness of mental health since she had experienced it herself and for people to know about it. Having natural beauty from a Polish mother and a German father and a good heart are always the right combinations. We wish to see more of Kristen in the future.


Martha Stewart, a businesswoman, writer, television personality, and former model, made money by doing the typical day to day stuff. She is known as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s founder and gained success in a lot of business ventures and e-commerce. Stewart has been doing DIY crafts, home decorations, growing plants, and of course cooking sumptuous meals. Martha may have experienced a downfall in her life, she managed to rise from the issue and made a comeback on the television.

What amazes people about her is how youthful, fresh, and the good looking she is at her age. At 79 years old, she still is young, even without wearing makeup and looking stress-free personality.  It appears like she did make some investment planning to succeed. Hopefully, Martha can also write her secrets on beauty to inspire young women to have good looks and raise awareness that this generation needs.


Beyoncé is not just an ordinary celebrity, but she is the only Queen Bey, conqueror of Coachella, filler of stadiums, and a model of dignity and class. She became the lead singer in one of the best selling girl groups of all time: Destiny’s Child.  Beyoncé launched songs from her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, during her first solo concert and the pay-per-view television special. That’s how influential and successful she is.

Even at the height of her career, Beyonce also uses her voice to raise awareness of women’s empowerment. She considers herself as the “modern-day feminist” and that Beyonce aligned more publicly with the movement, sampling “We should all be feminists.” Beyonce’s success has led to her becoming a cultural icon until today and in the future generation. She is more than a popstar! She is now a mother of three and by the looks of it, she doesn’t look as if she had aged one bit. Besides her popularity in the entertainment industry, she is also one of the celebrities with natural beauty.


Zooey Deschanel is the younger daughter of cinematographer and director Caleb Deschanel and actress Mary Jo Deschanel.  She is an  American singer-songwriter, model, and actress, wherein her debut movie was in 1999 entitled Mumford. Deschanel is also known for her roles in the comedy film industry, which she also credits, including The Good Girl, The New Guy, Elf, and 500 Days of Summer. Zooey is frequently compared to the golden era Hollywood personalities.

Zooey, in interviews, said that she believes her singing ability was essential in gaining every role. She was also a co-founder of Hello Giggles, a website that focuses on females, but acquired in 2015 by Time. Inc. At 40 years old, Zoey is still in the entertainment industry and still has the freshest face because of her natural beauty. Hopefully, we can see more of her in the future – for sure, and her fans would love that.


Robyn Rihanna is a Barbadian businesswoman, actress, fashion designer, songwriter, and singer. She became famous for embracing different musical styles and whenever she reinvents her image throughout her career. Rihanna has named Madonna as her significant influence. In interviews, she said she wanted to be the “black Madonna” and commended the singer for reinventing herself successfully throughout her entertainment career persistently. Some of her popular albums are Talk That Talk, Loud, Rated R, and Unapologetic, which also won a Grammy Award.

Setting aside her fame, Rihanna is known for her humanitarian causes, entrepreneurial ventures, and the fashion industry. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization Clara Lionel Foundation, cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty, and fashion house Fenty under LVMH. In 2018, Barbados’ Government appointed her as an ambassador of education, tourism, and investment. Rihanna’s success makes her the ideal face of the music, beauty, and fashion industry. She is also famous for having natural beauty wherein she credits her healthy living for it. She truly inspires a lot of young aspiring individuals.


Scarlett Johansson is a famous singer and actress known as the highest-paid woman in the Marvel Universe. Played herself as  Black Widow, she commands about $15 million per film, plus backend points of the highly profitable Avengers series. When Scarlett is not wearing her cape, she stars in smaller films like World War 2 film Jojo Rabbit. Because of her excellent acting, she became a recipient of many recognitions, including the British Academy Film Award and Tony Award.

Scarlett Johansson also had appearances in different movies, including The Nanny Diaries and The Prestige. Her music career is also in her best interest as she sang the track “Summertime” for Unexpected Dreams – Songs From the Stars, a non-profit collection of songs recorded by Hollywood actors last 2016. Johansson even performed in the Coachella reunion show with the Jesus and Mary Chain. As a public figure, Johansson is a prominent brand endorser and supports various charities. Now at 36 years old, she still stands out amongst the crowd credits to her natural beauty.


Gwen Stefani is a record producer, actress, singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. She is also the co-founder and the lead vocalist of No Doubt,  whose singles include “Just a Girl,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Don’t Speak,” from their 1995 breakthrough studio album Tragic Kingdom, as well as “Hey Baby” and “It’s My Life” from later albums that made famous in the year 1995.

Her talent didn’t stop when her band went on hiatus, and she made herself a solo pop artist, releasing her debut studio album in the year 2014. Making the album as 80’s inspired by pop music, it was a critical and commercial success. She credits her natural beauty and fantastic talent because she still stands out and is still extremely popular today. With that, it is obvious to say that she doesn’t need money loans for now and in the near future. I bet she got the best financial advisor in town.


Hilary Swank is a film producer and an actress. Known for her roles in the films Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby, both earned her numerous recognitions, including two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards. She is also named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  Hilary made her debut in 1992 in the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beverly Hills 90210. Swank’s latest movie was Logan Lucky in 2017 and 2018, and she appeared in a TV series titled Trust as Gail Getty in character.

Usually, she portrays women who attempt to achieve their goals in life despite the odds and obstacles that get in their way. Her characters often go through an immediate or slow transformation in either appearance or skills. At 46 years old, she is still in the entertainment industry and is always a stunner, credits to her natural beauty as doesn’t need to put any makeup on. She has the best investments and got an excellent credit score.


Milena Markovna Kunis but is popularly known as Mila Kunis, is an American actress who moved from Soviet Ukraine to the US and her family. She appeared in different commercials and TV series. Kunis’ breakout film role came in 2008 when Kunis played Rachel in the romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She gained further critical praises and accolades for her performance in the psychological thriller Black Swan.

Mila Kunis received the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor or nominations for the  Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and SAG Award. The success and popularity that she had made her decide to put home security systems for her safety. She is very creative in making finances from franchises because she was raised not in a well-off family and that her parents hustled their way in.  Now at 37 years old, she still looks beautiful even without makeup, and we credit that to her excellent genes.


Renowned for her powerful, technically gifted vocals and remains the best-selling Canadian recording artist with record sales of over 200 million worldwide, Celine Dion is an icon! Her music influence is by genres ranging from rock and R&B to gospel and classical. She is the “Queen of Adult Contemporary.” She is also the reigning Queen of Pop for her influence over the recording industry during the 1990s. If you love her, you will know that her lyrics focus on themes of poverty, world hunger, and spirituality, signifying love and romance.

Dion has faced reasonable criticism from critics, who express that her music often pulls back behind pop and soul conventions and is marked by excessive sentimentality. She also has business endeavors. Dion owned several artist management companies based in different countries. She has great financial advisors to help her with that. Recently, people noticed how she lost a lot of weight, nonetheless, she remains beautiful credits to her natural beauty. Hopefully, we can hear her sing again in the future.


Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.L., is an American businesswoman, producer, fashion designer, dancer, singer, and actress who started appearing in films in the late 1980s and quickly became one of the highest-paid Latina celebrities in the history of Hollywood. She later found crossover success in the music industry with a series of pop albums. Time made her among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018.

Her most successful singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 include: “If You Had My Love,” “I’m Real,” “Ain’t It Funny,” “All I Have,” and “On the Floor.”  Besides her music profession, she is also an avid supporter of L.G.B.T. rights and has raised millions of dollars, having an excellent credit score for HIV/AIDS research. She is a legend and will forever be an inspiration to everyone. Now at 51 years old, she is still active in the entertainment industry and we credit that to her talent and natural beauty.


Britney Spears is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and dancer. Credited as influencing the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s, she is named the “Princess of Pop.” Her first two studio albums, verified diamond in the US, Baby One More Time (1999), and Oops! I Did It Again (2000) was triumphant and made two of the best-selling albums of all time, together with making her the best-selling teenage artist of all time.

Spears adopted mature and provocative themes and aesthetics for her albums too. Spears has named Janet Jackson, Madonna,  and Whitney Houston as her inspiration in the industry. Throughout her career, Spears has drawn constant comparisons to Madonna and Jackson in particular, in terms of vocals, choreography, and stage presence. At the peak of her success and with her lawyers and financial advisors, Spears created The Britney Spears Foundation, a charitable organization set up to help children in need.


Christina Aguilera is known as a singer, songwriter, actress, and TV star. She bagged a Latin Grammy Award, five Grammy Awards, and earned a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She stated that Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey the primary influences that she aimed to integrate Madonna’s artistry with Houston’s and Carey’s vocal ability. Aguilera often blends pop, R&B, dance-pop, and soul music into her projects and her records usually include a combination of ballads and uptempo tracks.

She is not just an ordinary icon in the entertainment industry. Still, she also signed into a program called Come on Over and Do Something, which focused on “encouraging kids to get involved in their communities and make a difference.” Aguilera is setting her priorities straight, including her finances and investments as well. She is an inspiration! Christina is also considered one of the people with natural beauty, credits to paper Magazine for featuring her bare face. Everyone is just in awe of her beauty.


Jennifer Aniston is a businesswoman, actress, and producer. She started working in the industry at a very young age. Aniston made to international fame for her role as Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends (1994–2004), for which she won Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild awards. Her character became widely popular and is known as one of the most notable female characters in television history.  Aniston is in several magazines’ lists of the world’s most beautiful women.

Her net worth is about US$200 million. With that amount of net worth, she is free from business and personal loans. She is also a celebrity advocate for numerous charities and received attention for her donations. Aniston also received GLAAD’s Vanguard Award to contribute to increased visibility and understanding of the LGBT community. She made herself influential because she deserves it. Aniston is not your ordinary celebrity because she has a purpose.


Lisa Kudrow is an American comedian, actress, writer, singer, and producer. She appeared on different TV shows but became popular when she was cast in FRIENDS as Phoebe Buffay from 1993 to 1999. The show earned her a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award. She also received a Primetime Emmy Award in a Comedy Series as an Outstanding Supporting Actress. Like Jennifer Aniston, she also ventured into the big screen, wherein some of her amazing movies were Booksmart, Long Shot, and The Boss Baby.

Her films are estimated to have grossed over $2 billion worldwide. After her massive success in the movies and TV series, Lisa has been rejected for a role at Saturday Night Live and was fired from Frasier. Thanks to them, she ended up in a role that is one of the greatest and popular characters in American television history. With her natural beauty, it’s no wonder she’s still landing jobs at 57 years old, also credits to her amazing acting skills.


Did you know that Salma Hayek a Mexican-American film actress and producer started her career in Mexico when she starred in the movie El Callejon de Los Milagros and a TV series Teresa? In 1991, she moved to Hollywood and became popular for playing in movies like Dogma, Wild Wild West, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Desperado. Her biggest break was when she starred in the movie Frida in 2002. She even got nominated for a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for best actress.

Aside from acting, Salma helps charitable organizations to increase awareness of discrimination against immigrants. She admitted that she was once considered an illegal immigrant in the United States for a short period. Although we are easily drawn to her sexy body, we can’t take for granted her genuinely natural beauty. At 54, she has maintained her body to a great degree, making people naturally admire her curves and looks.


Kristie Alley is an American spokesmodel and actress. She was first recognized when she starred in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as Saavik. The actress also appeared in Cheers on NBC as Rebecca Howe where she received a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award in 1991. Due to her amazing skills, she also appeared in different movies including Drop Dead Gorgeous and Deconstructing Harry.

Even before she entered the movie industry, Kristie joined several game shows like Match Game and Password Plus, where she won big prizes. Then, she became popular for winning second place in Dancing with the Stars and a runner up for the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. Just like some celebrities, Kristie also struggled with cocaine addiction and fortunately, she managed to turn things around, credits to her determination. Now at 69 years old, she still looks gorgeous even without makeup.


American actress and producer Renee Zellweger was initially pursued a journalism career, but during her college years, she took a drama course and started to fall in love with acting. Renee took small part roles until she finally got starring roles in different movies including Jerry Maguire, Me, Myself, and Irene, and Nurse Betty. Now, Renee is known for being a recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award.

In fact, due to her amazing skills, she became the highest-paid celebrity in 2007. Some of her blockbuster movies are Bridget Jones’s Diary, Cinderella Man, My One and Only, and Case 39. The actress has always been chubby but everyone was surprised with her amazing weight loss. Now at 51 years old, she managed to maintain her healthy, fresh, and natural look even without investments in beauty products. We’re hoping to see more of her on the big screen soon.


At her young age, future director and producer Katie Holmes took up modeling classes when she joined a competition for the International Modeling and Talent Association in New York. She first became popular on the TV series Dawson’s Creek as Joey Potter. She was also featured in the movie The Ice Storm in 1997, which was also her film debut. In 2008, she debuted in Broadway Theatre’s All My Son. Katie married Tom Cruise in a Scientology ceremony, but their marriage only lasted for six years and they ended up hiring divorce attorneys.

According to Katie’s close friends, the reason for their separation is due to feared intimidation by their church. It sadly became a piece of mainstream news because they were considered the “super couple.” She was able to move on and focused on her kids and acting career instead. Now at 42 years old, she still looks gorgeous as ever, even without any makeup on, thanks to her natural beauty.


Madonna is an American businesswoman, actress, songwriter, and singer. She is undeniably a great influence on other artists due to her amazing talents. Since the 1980s, she was best known as the Queen of Pop and for creating popular music and music videos. She had reinvented herself and her music multiple times, which drew some controversy, but music critics still praised her. She was also part of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Having over 300 million records sold worldwide, Madonna was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the best-selling female music artist of all time. She is also claimed to be the most successful solo artist in the history of the US and a record holder for most number-one singles in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and Spain. Now at her age of 62 years, she deserves to retire in privacy but she still continued to wow us. She doesn’t have to put on too much makeup, credits to her natural beauty.


Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian entertainer, model, and popular for her resemblance with a Barbie doll. People would remember her for gaining worldwide recognition as a human Barbie doll, after posting photos and videos on the internet. Aside from her almost inhuman beauty, Valeria is a composer, writer, and opera singer with two albums and a book. To further enhance her looks, she wears contact lenses and makeup over her naturally beautiful face.

According to Valeria, she had breast implants but she assures everyone that her entire body is all-natural. She credits her workout routine and a specific diet for her slender body. Due to her natural beauty, Valeria gained massive followers on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In 2007, she was crowned as Miss Diamond Crown of the World. Now at 35 years old, she’s still able to maintain her Barbie look. With her beauty, she no longer needs to wear any makeup at all.


Kathy Kinney is a comedian and actress who gained popularity for playing Mimi Bobeck in 1990 on The Drew Carey Show. She had been featured both in stage and film and that’s because of her amazing talents. Some of her blockbuster movies are This Boy’s Life, Lenny The Wonder Dog, and Three Fugitives. In 2010, Kathy co-authored a book with Cindy Ratzlaff entitled Queen of Your Own Life.

Little did we know that Kathy avoided auditions that feature “heavy-girl roles” because of her weight. Due to her superb acting skills, she has proven that she is more than just her weight. Now at 66 years old, she still appears on TV and in movies, not only because of her beauty, but her talents as well. It seems like she will never run out of projects until she decided to retire, which is good news for her fans and her net worth as she will not need any personal loans.


Miss World 200 Priyanka Chopra is an Indian singer, actress, and film producer who captures the heart of one of the Jonas Brothers. Before she became Mrs. Jonas, she was also recognized as one of the highest-paid and popular celebrities in India. Due to her amazing skills, she has received several awards, including five from Filmfare Awards and one from the National Film Award.

Besides acting, she is also a philanthropist and since 2006, she has worked with UNICEF. She also promotes causes on education, health, and the environment. Before joining the film industry, she was an aspiring aeronautical engineer. Priyanka is now happily married to Nick Jonas in a ceremony that took place last December 2018. Currently, at 38 years old, she still looks as gorgeous as ever and will star in two upcoming films for Netflix. Her beauty is simply irresistible for producers and directors to ignore, so her projects keep coming.


Boy George is the lead singer of Culture Club, a pop band and also a songwriter, DJ, and a fashion designer. During the band’s height of popularity in the 1980s, they have recorded hit songs including Time, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, and Karma Chameleon. Born as George Alan O’Dowd, his songs are usually classified as blue-eyed soul, which was influenced by reggae, blues, and rhythm.

In 2015, he received an award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composed, and Authors for the title Outstanding Services to British Music. In his autobiography titled Take It Like A Man, Boy George admitted that he is gay and shared some inspiring stories about his experience regarding his identity. Whatever gender he chose, it not a secret that at his age of 59 years old, he still looks younger than his age and needs no significant investments in any beauty regimen.


Elizabeth Jean Busy Philipps or Busy Philipps is an American director, producer, writer, and actress. She became popular for her roles on different TV shows including Freaks and Geeks, Dawson’s Creek, and ER. She received an award from the Critics’ Choice Television Award for her role as Laurie Keller in the TV series Cougar Town. Some of her blockbuster movies are I Feel Pretty, The Gift, and He’s Just Not That Into You.

To share her journey as an actress, she wrote a book called This Will Only Hurt A Little. Recently, Busy had a late-night talk show that aired on E! last October 2018 to May 2019 known as the Busy Tonight. She also tried podcasting last August along with fellow writers. Now at 41 years old, she still maintains that gorgeous glow even without makeup, and she credits that to self-care and balanced work. We’re hoping to see more of her in the future.


Bethenny Frankel is an American TV personality, entrepreneur, and author. She was also popularly known as the contestant of The Apprentice: Martha Steward TV game show in 2005. After she was cast on the TV series, The Real Housewives of New York, she became even more popular. Besides acting, she is also a founder of the lifestyle brand, Skinnygirl, and the author of self-help books. She also founded a disaster relief organization called BStrong where they raise money from donations to help victims of calamities.

Some of their beneficiaries were the casualties of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria, Puebla Earthquake, and just recently delivered protective equipment needed for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bethenny also shared a few criticisms for being skinny, but she managed to ignore them. She even posed uncovered for a PETA billboard to flaunt her beautiful body and bare face unbothered. Well, the degree of her confidence enhanced her natural beauty, and she remains gorgeous even at 50 years old.


Selma Blair first earned recognition for her role in the movie Brown’s Requiem. Her biggest break came when she landed roles in the sitcom WB as Zoe Bean and as Cecile Caldwell in the movie Cruel Intentions. Through the years, Selma continued working both on TV and movies, wherein she even earned a nomination for a Grammy Award in 2010. She was also part of the American Crime Story, an FX drama series in 2016 as Kris Jenner.

Now at 48 years old, she is still gorgeous as ever with her natural look and we think that she made great investments on healthy living. Ever since, Blair is known for her unique and trendy styles, which is the main reason why fashion designers including Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney consistently invite her to participate in numerous fashion events. She even played a part in Christian Siriano’s collection for his 10th stage anniversary held during the New York Fashion Week.


Kate Hudson is an American author, actress, and fashion designer who rose to fame due to her performance in the movie Almost Famous. She won an award from the Golden Globe and has been nominated as best supporting actress from the Academy Award. Some of her blockbuster movies are How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, The Skeleton Key, Bride Wars, and Deepwater Horizon.

Kate also entered the fashion industry by collaborating with an online retailer JustFab to help her launch her workout and activewear named Fabletics. Then, she wrote two books that were released in consecutive years with titles Pretty Happy and Pretty Fun. Kate is one of the celebrities who still look gorgeous even without putting any makeup on. She probably has a healthy and active lifestyle and we credit that because of her still gorgeous look even at her age of 41 years old.


Susan Sarandon is an American activist and actress who received numerous awards from the Screen Actors Guild Award, British Academy Film Award, and an Academy Award. She also got nominated nine times at the Golden Globe Awards. Besides acting on TV and the big screen, she was also a Broadway actress. Her Broadway debut happened in 1972 in An Evening with Richard Nixon.

More than her acting, Sarah is known for her support to several organizations that fight the global advocacy for justice and humanity. Sarah also took a stance against war between the United States and Iraq stating that many Americans refuse to risk their lives on violence. Now at 74 years old, her age is noticeable on her face, but she doesn’t seem bothered by it because she always flaunts her natural look. Her investments in living a healthy life and eating good food could be the reason why she still looks awesome despite her age.


Three-time Golden Globe Award winner Angelina Jolie is an American filmmaker, actress, and humanitarian. She is also a recipient of an Academy Award. Angelina has been named multiple times as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Besides her acting career, she is also known as a humanitarian, and she is also not all gas as she had been helping refugees for the UNHCR. Angelina has proven to be a fierce and tough woman when she publicized her health condition.

According to her, she wants to motivate other women who are facing the same battle to never feel less of themselves. As one of the most influential celebrities in America, she is also one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world. Now at 45 years old, she is still in the entertainment industry and continuously doing humanitarian work as often as she can. With six children to take care of, we salute Angelina for being an inspiration to women.


Anne Hathaway is an American actress who was also one of the highest-paid actresses in the world back in 2015. Due to her amazing acting skills, she received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe, a Primetime Emmy Award, and an Academy Award. In 2009, she appeared in the list of the Forbes Celebrity 100 and it’s not surprising at all because her movies have already earned over $6.8 billion.

More than her fame and fortune, Anne is active in supporting several charities and organizations that help fight children’s rights. She also promotes gender equality when she was assigned as an ambassador for UN Women Goodwill due to her advocacy. Now at 38 years old, Anne still maintains her gorgeous and natural beauty. We think we should praise the degree of her dedication which resulted in her successful career and healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, she can share some of her beauty secrets soon.


Most know her for the character Arwen, but Liv Tyler is also a singer, producer, and former model. She is best known from the movie Lord of the Rings as the beautiful Arwen Undomiel.  A lot of people are still in awe of her natural beauty. In fact, she can even go out of the house without makeup. Her debut movie was in 1994 in the movie Silent Fall, and since then, she has starred in numerous blockbuster movies.

The actress is also known for her activism as she has been serving as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2003 in the US. Apart from that, Liv supports innovative research and development for treatments and prevention of cancer to women. The actress does not mind donating a portion of her investment money. She even launched a pink energy drink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month. With her good heart and amazing skills, it’s no wonder that Liv is still active in the industry even at the age of 43 years old.


Known as Darcy Lewis in the Thor movies, Kat Dennings is an American actress who is famous for the TV show 2 Broke Girls on CBS as Max Black. Ever since her debut in the entertainment world in 2000, she appeared in other movies including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Big Momma’s House 2, and Suburban Gothic. Kat will also have an upcoming Disney superhero series WandaVision that will set to air in the first month of 2021.

Besides her skills, Katherine Victoria Litwack is known for her natural beauty in the entertainment industry. We’re wondering if she made investments in her beauty regimen but we’ve learned that it is because of her healthy lifestyle. She shared in The New York Times magazine that she doesn’t drink or smoke and doesn’t like to be with people who have these vices. By practicing Transcendental Meditation, Kat was able to maintain that beautiful face.


Olivia Jane Cockburn, or more popularly known as Olivia Wilde, is an American actress, director, producer, and activist. She is best known for her role in the TV series House as Remy. Olivia is also known for her roles in different movies, including Cowboys & Aliens, Alpha Dog, Conversations with other Women, and Meadowland. She also ventured into acting on Broadway in 1984. In addition, Olivia is a known feminist who promotes awareness and donations to help women regarding their health, education, and justice.

As one of the leaders at the Artists for Peace and Justice, she was able to provide health and education assistance in Haiti and the Southern part of California. One of the reasons why Olivia is very popular is because of her beautiful green eyes and natural beauty. Thanks to her vegan lifestyle, she was hailed as the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010 by PETA. Well, credit to her beautiful eyes, it makes her even more beautiful even without having to put any makeup on.


Ella Marija Lani Yellch-O’Connor, or professionally known as Lorde, is a New Zealand record producer, songwriter, and singer. Her fascination with aristocracy and royalty made way to use the name Lord as her screen name. However, she felt too masculine about it and decided to add the letter “e” to make it more feminine. She is known for her thoughtful songwriting and unconventional styles in music. During her early teens, Lorde showed interest in performing and so in 2009, she signed with Universal Music Group.

Due to her amazing singing skills, she became one of the most influential teenagers in Forbes 30 Under 30 back in 2014 along with two Grammy and Brit Awards and a nomination at Golden Globe. According to our sources, she has already sold more than five million albums all over the world. Although critics find her awkward, it’s no secret that Lorde has a different degree of natural beauty. We’re hoping to hear more songs from this goddess again soon.


“New York” or Tiffany Pollard is an American actress and reality TV personality. She was recognized for her appearance in I Love New York and Flavor of Love on VH1. Flavor Flav, a rapper, gave her the nickname New York and she is also known as the HBIC which she used to taunt her competitors in the series Flavor of Love. Some of the reality TV shows that she joined are The Next: 15, Celebrity Big Brother, and Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. With all these reality TV shows, it became her way to reveal her bipolar disorder and her breast implants removed.

Tiffany suffered from too much stress is when she experienced miscarriage, the treatment of which was covered by her health insurance. She might have fought a lot of battles, but we still see the strong and beautiful woman that she is. All thanks to her bare face, people claimed that she’s one of the many reality TV celebrities who have natural beauty.


Melissa Rauch is an American actress who is popularly known for appearing in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. Her acting skills got her nominated for Best Supporting Actress from the Critics’ Choice Television Award in a comedy series back in 2013. She was also nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a comedy series for Screen Actors Guild Award.

In 2017, she lent her voice to Harley Quinn in the movie Batman and Harley Quinn. Some of her best works include True Blood, The Office, and I Love You, Man. Off the camera, Melissa looks very shy and sweet. Interestingly, she can change the nuances of her voice by imitating her mother’s sweet high-pitched voice, like the sound of electricity travelling, and her father’s eerie ranting voice as well. Not to mention, Melissa’s charming and natural beauty that captures the heart of the writer and now husband, Winston Rauch.


Caitlyn Jenner, or formerly known as William Bruce Jenner, is an American TV personality and award-winning decathlete. Before her transformation, she made successful investments in her sports career in which he gained his title as an “All-American Hero”. She played for Graceland Yellowjackets in college football and was convinced by L.D. Weldon to try out decathlon. In 1976, she won the men’s decathlon in the Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Jenner has six children in total with his three wives including the famous Jenner siblings, Kendall and Kylie. When she transitioned from male to female, everyone was surprised, and instantly became the most famous transgender woman in the world. She was the talk of the town for a while. With her decision, she left the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and started appearing in her own program I Am Cait. Either as Bruce or Caitlyn, we are pretty sure that she will still look amazingly gorgeous.


Jessica Alba started appearing in TV series and movies at the tender age of 13. When she reached 19 years old, she rose to prominence in the TV show Dark Angel, in which she received a nomination for a Golden Globe Award. Her biggest break came when she landed a role in the movie Honey. She then became an established Hollywood actress working on major films. Besides the big screen, she is also a businesswoman, who co-founded the The Honest Company, which sells baby and household products.

She also wrote a book entitled The Honest Life that shared her life experiences which later became one of the New York Times Best Sellers. Although Jessica is busy juggling her career and business, she has not forgotten to participate in organizations and charities that help people with their basic needs. Now at 39 years old, her investments with Honest Vitamin C serum are keeping her skin healthy smooth.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is an English actress, model, designer, and businesswoman. She starts modeling at a young age and got her first modeling experience with Levi’s Jeans commercial. Then, she became Victoria’s Secret model and was part of the “Angels” of the same brand. In 2011, she became the face of Burberry and collaborated with Paige, a denim-focused brand. Since then, Rosie has walked on different runways and collaborated with the biggest names in the fashion industry.

She realized could also act and went from the runway to Hollywood as she ventured into the acting industry and appeared in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon as Carly Spencer. Currently, at 33 years old, she is now living a casual life with her family and can often be seen with her beautiful bare face. Well, we’re not sure who to credit for her natural beauty. Whatever she’s doing, it seems to be working because Rosie still looks young and fresh.

Chelsea Handler – Chelsea Lately

Widely loved for her youthful beauty and effortless humor, Chelsea Handler is a celebrity who looks gorgeous with or without makeup on. After hosting the late-night talk show Chelsea Lately on E! for seven years, she recently released her documentary series Chelsea Does on Netflix. In between those major projects, she also worked as a writer, producer, and activist. Chelsea has written six books wherein five of which became the number one best-selling book from the New York Times list.

This 45-year-old comedian-actress is famous for her charm and wit, but above all, her beautiful soul outshines what’s on the surface. Today, she remains one of the most stunning personalities in the entertainment industry. She will be producing a stand-up special on HBO Max where she will share her life experiences. People will be inspired, for sure. With a successful person like her, it seems she’s doing great at keeping bankruptcy lawyers at bay.

Gigi Hadid – Victoria’s Secret Model

Gigi Hadid has made quite a lot of appearances on international Vogue magazine covers, fashion shows, and other luxury modeling events around the world. She knows how to dress her curves – even making a simple shirt-and-jeans look ten times more fab. Her sense of style coupled with her appealing looks and personality made her a fan favorite in the industry. After signing up with IMG Models and moving to New York in 2013, Jelena Noura Hadid has been the star of numerous commercials, campaigns, and runways.

Some of the fashion designers she worked with are Chanel, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Victoria’s Secret. Currently, Gigi is the face of the global cosmetics brand Maybelline, with her collection recently launched worldwide. She also recently gave birth to her daughter making her a certified hot momma. Possessing that kind of beauty, charm, and grace, many wonder if she had her model figure covered by insurance as many artists do.

Katherine Heigl – Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine Heigl became famous for her role in one of the highest-rated TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, and her appearance in several popular romantic comedies. Katherine has captured the hearts of the public with her projects and was loved even more because of her timeless beauty. She also did some magazine cover for Vanity Fair, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan. Aside from films, TV Series, and magazines, the actress has a passion and dedication for animal welfare, cancer awareness, and organ donation.

Katherine was inspired when they decided to donate his late brother’s organ to the patients who need transplants. With her commitment to humanitarian works, she has received multiple awards from several organizations including the Presidential Service Award. This 42-year-old gorgeous actress and filmmaker still look as sweet and young as she did when she first entered the industry, both on and off cam. We can say that she made the proper investments in skin and beauty care products that she must have used over the years.

Amal Clooney – Doughty Street Chambers Barrister

An actress and an incredible international human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney is the epitome of beauty and brains in Hollywood. The well-known star, who married George Clooney, is a natural beauty who looks stunning even without any makeup. Apart from being famous in the entertainment industry, Clooney is known for her integrity as an attorney, as she frequently voices out her stance on human rights. This ageless beauty, who can rock any style from professional to glam night, is one of the many faces who seemingly stayed as fresh and young.

As a matter of fact, Amal was chosen alongside celebrities like Keira Knightley, Emma Watson, and Kate Moss for the Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person in 2015. Prince Charles named an award after Amal Clooney for the celebration of incredible young women. Just recently, Amal was presented as the recipient of the annual Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award for her extraordinary and continuous support for press freedom. It’s no wonder superstar actor George Clooney is head over heels.

RuPaul – Rupaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul is mostly known for his incredible contribution to reality shows and fight for LGBT rights. In the past 10 years since it aired, RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to break barriers on traditional TV. More than promoting equality in the LGBT community, RuPaul has spoken about black empowerment, misogyny, and political issues. His credit cards must be loaded, as the show is a continuous hit, season after season. Besides his popular TV show, RuPaul starred on several movies such as Crooklyn, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, Comedy Central series Broad City, and more.

For the record, RuPaul is considered the most successful drag queen in America. RuPaul Andre Charles is a face you would recognize anywhere, as he keeps his drag persona and is expected to cake on makeup wherever he goes – even on his quick late-night trips to the grocery. However, with all of his cross-dressing and piles of makeup, you wouldn’t recognize him without it.

Drew Barrymore – The Wedding Singer

An actress with ageless beauty, Drew Barrymore started as a child star. She’s one of the lucky ones who effortlessly looks stunning in the public’s eyes. With or without makeup, she remains one of the most gorgeous faces in the industry. In 1983, she became famous for her performance as the adorable Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

She received not only subsequent projects, but also awards for being a gifted and versatile actress. One of these is the Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award that was given by the Young Artist Foundation for her commendable success in the film industry. Drew transitioned easily from child star to a leading lady and was best known for her work in romantic comedies. Her biggest projects, namely The Wedding Singer and Charlie’s Angels, translated to millions of investment money, all thanks to her charming personality and amazing acting skills.

Reese Witherspoon – Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon played several characters throughout her career, and one of them includes the highly-praised movie Walk The Line. However, it was her role in the box office hit Legally Blonde that marked a turning point in her career. Playing Elle Woods, a girly teenager who faced Harvard Law to prove her ex-lover wrong, Reese became a widely-loved inspiration to many dreamers. Through her breakthrough role, she became an established and sought-after actress, where she was offered countless roles since 2001. This Academy-Award winning star’s success continues to soar with timeless elegance.

Reese’s love for the industry inspired her to create her own production company known as Type A Films and a media firm called Hello Sunshine. We hope that losing out to personal loans isn’t a destination for this natural beauty because her advocacy for women and children’s rights is remarkable. She even offered free dresses from her clothing line company, Draper James, to help the needy during this pandemic.

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

We all know the famous Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, whom we all fell head over heels for when the movie was released in 2017. The sultry actress lives up to her iconic title as she displays her bare face in public with no hesitation at all. Her beauty routines and skincare products must have been great investments for the star, as she continues to stun us with her timeless appeal and charm. Before her DC movie, Gal has already starred in several Fast and Furious movies and landed even more roles.

With a long list of successful films, it is not a surprise that Gal reached the top 3 in this year Forbes’ highest-paid actresses. Before she became the Biggest Israeli Superstar, she won Miss Israel in 2004 and competed in the Miss Universe held in Ecuador. Then, she started posing for several magazines and hailed as FHM’s Sexiest Woman in 2017. Today, Gal continues to rise and remain in the limelight.

Bella Thorne – Shake it Up

Bella Thorne is living proof that having acne should not be insecurity big enough to stop you from becoming a star. As she struggled with normal skin uses, Bella was an inspirational figure who lived and breathed self-esteem. Her self-confidence has given her no problems, even as she goes barefaced in public. After revealing that she suffered from years of cystic acne and that her skin was never perfect, Thorne strengthened her role as an advocate for beauty, despite imperfections.

She was featured in several movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Blended, and The Duff. What gave Bella her breakthrough in the film industry is her role for TV series like Dirty Sexy Money, My Own Worst Enemy, and Shake It Up, where she won awards and nominations. Just like many celebrities, she also ventured into making music that put her on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2011. With everything she has been through, we hope the unapologetic beauty can start hosting online classes so we could learn a thing or two about confidence.

Lucy Hale – Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale’s rise to fame came from her role in the popular series Pretty Little Liars, an American teen thriller series about four high school girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader. Her new role in The Life Sentence, an American comedy-drama series about a terminally ill woman who had gone broke because of careless investments and decisions, is yet another project that lets Hale showcase her natural beauty on-screen.

Before her acting career, Lucy confessed to being fallen in love with the music first. Growing up, she was inspired by a lot of singers including Shaina Twain, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood. So in 2012, after signing up with Hollywood Records, Lucy began to live her dream. Her cover for the song Let It Go in collaboration with Rascal Flatts was featured in the We Love Disney album. Lucy Hale has a youthful and charming face that most people love then until today, as she continues to look stunning even with no makeup on.

Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B is a name we all know today. She was able to find her way of rising to the top by invading the music industry, particularly the rap scene. This American rapper has been known to have a “no filter attitude” on social media, mostly for her unapologetic stories on her previous work as a stripper. This young star is very open when sharing her struggles, some of which included her struggles with getting a job, paying personal loans, and escaping poverty.

Many are seem to be inspired by her story that’s why Forbes recognized her as one of the Most Influential Female Rappers of all time. People aren’t used to seeing her bare face, so it’s as if her looks transform when she doesn’t cake on makeup. Nevertheless, Cardi B is a true beauty as she became the first female rapper in the US to be covered in Vogue magazine for January 2019.

Alicia Keys – Songs in a Minor

Grammy Award-winning Alicia Keys has been an icon since then, as she became famous for her singing and songwriting talent. With her countless awards, millions of album copies sold worldwide, and multiple songs on the top charts, Alicia is a true Queen of R&B. Aside from making a mark in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and producer, she is also a known activist, philanthropist, and Global Ambassador for Keep a Child Alive organization to fights HIV and AIDS.

Her seemingly unstoppable career continues to inspire other artists today, as she is an advocate for natural beauty. In 2016, Keys started to opt for makeup-free looks in photo shoots and appearances, as she embraced her flaws. Now, more women are choosing to go makeup-free, thanks to her influence. She likewise started the No Make-Up Movement, which aims to boost self-esteem and celebrate women’s beauty, with or without makeup. With her success both in her career and in changing the norm of what it means to be beautiful, it seems that Keys will need a financial advisor soon, if she does not have anyone yet.

Cara Delevingne – Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne, a crowd favorite on the runway, has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Walking in the big four fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Milan, and Paris, she deserves her Model of the Year award. Her love for fashion results in a collaboration with two designers, a sports street unisex collection DKNY, and a handbag collection for Mulberry. As a well-known model in social media, Cara is loved for how she proudly shares her insecurities.

The actress is vocal about her struggles when it comes to her skin, even admitting the things she used to do to hide these imperfections during shoots and fashion shows. Now, the famous model-actress is flaunting her $28-million net worth, thanks to the success of her movies like Paper Towns—she surely would need some help with money management soon. A much-deserved success for someone who has been beautifully flawless, with or without her insecurities.

Kendall Jenner – Keeping Up with the Kardashians

With a momager like Kris Jenner, we’re sure Victoria’s Secret Angel Kendall Jenner doesn’t have trouble with her beauty and skincare investments and schedules. The flawless runway model was recently on the news for having struggles with acne, as several online magazines and news channels zoomed in on her face during a runway show. Yet, Jenner’s bare face continues to wow us as she carries herself with confidence and grace. With her net worth she can afford the best skincare regimens, but she has chosen to go simple.

With several recognitions including her debut at number 2 for FHM/s 100 Sexiest Women in the World in 2015, second Most Search Model in Google, and top 1 in the World’s Highest-Paid Model in 2018 by Forbes, Kendall is a certified Supermodel. Without her wings, she goes around with barely anything on her face, and she still looks stunning. The Kardashian sister undoubtedly looks just as fresh and youthful even with very little effort.

Selena Gomez – Revival

Selena Marie Gomez is one of the most successful singer-actress of her generation. After appearing as a teen wizard in the channel’s show Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez made a name for herself as an actress. But what gave her the ultimate popularity, success, and probably the highest credit score is her singing career with over 7 million albums and 22 million singles sold worldwide. Throughout her career, she was always a paparazzi favorite, probably because of her relationship with her ex, Justin Bieber.

The former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez has earned praise for going public with her battle with lupus. She has been undoubtedly been through tough challenges when it comes to her health and relationships, but it seems nothing can take away her charming, lovely face. Her weapon against it all? Her religion and unwavering faith in Jesus. Despite her condition, Selena didn’t forget to share her blessings by doing charity works. Gomez uses her social media influence to deliver her advocacies to the LGBTQ community, children, and women.

Bella Hadid – IMG Model

Here is another Angel that made it to our list and she is one of the most successful runway faces today. Bella Hadid, a figure adored by millennials, is considered to have one of the most gorgeous bodies in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She has been on countless projects and it’s no surprise why. She has been the face of numerous magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Seventeen covers and conquers runways for Diane von Furstenberg, Moschino, and Chanel.

Bella also became the new ambassador for the Dior Makeup line where she did tutorial videos for Vogue’s YouTube channel. While her modeling career is booming, Bella is also studying and taking online classes on the side, as she looks forward to further her skills in photography. The model has a lot going on for her and it seems she might need some help with financial management soon. Still, her breathtaking beauty what we would rather see as the subject of the photo.

Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct

Starring in one of the most iconic femme fatale roles in movie history with Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone became a popular name in the entertainment industry. After modeling for TV commercials and advertisement, she took up roles that landed her in multiple acting recognitions and nominations for Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, Academy, Screen Actors Guild, and MTV Movie Awards. Sharon used her fame to promote peace in the Middle East, support HIV/AIDS patients, and gain pledges to construct schools in Africa.

The multi-award-winning actress, producer, and former fashion model’s beauty remains timeless, as the 62-year-old continues to surprise us with her youthful glow. Sharon is now a mother of three and much like any artist whose faces seem to have aged like fine wine, rumors have been going around about her alleged plastic surgery. Still, with influence and credit like hers, who wouldn’t hesitate to shell out a few bills to maintain that beauty?

Shakira – Laundry Service

Grammy Award winner for her album Laundry Service, Shakira is without a doubt one of the few musicians who achieved stardom in both the Spanish and English-speaking markets in the early 2000s. Alongside her stardom, she was loved for her captivating beauty especially during live performances. Her signature move, the seductive belly dance, made her a successful artist. Not to mention, her unique and captivating yodeling voice that we can’t get enough of.

To prove that age is just a number, Shakira performed alongside Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show where it reached almost 200 million views on YouTube. Her huge following contributed to her now $220 million net worth. As a way of giving back, she now runs a foundation to support children in Columbia, which aims to help students finish their studies and pay their student loans. It’s no wonder why this ageless beauty is well-loved.

Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana

This Disney star who achieved early fame for portraying the role of Hannah Montana has captured the hearts of many for her entertaining personality on television. Miley Cyrus went from being a teen actress to a successful pop artist. She released songs that topped the charts for its daring music videos, a far cry from her image as Hannah Montana. During this performance era, it was rumored that much of her acts were influenced by her sudden breakup with then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

However, the couple got back together, got married, and is now on the headlines again for meeting a divorce lawyer. Despite the messy relationships, we can’t help but marvel at her fresh beauty, amazing talent, and great advocacies of the actress. Miley’s adoration for animals made her a vegan years ago. She is also active in helping homeless youths, part of the LGBTQ community, and her Happy Hippie Foundation. Indeed, she can’t be tamed in giving others a leap of faith.

Padma Lakshmi – Easy Exotic Cookbook

Padma Lakshmi is a model, actress, and television host with breathtaking beauty. She began modeling at the age of 21 and became a cover for numerous magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Allure. On top of that, Padma is known for her handful of cookbooks and for being a host of the American reality show Top Chef. Apart from being talented, her bare face is exciting to look at, which is why she’s a well-loved figure in the industry.

Growing up, Padma experienced discrimination about colorism that’s why when she has the chance to speak, she addresses issues about gender, age, and race inequality. She was also present as her parents met with multiple attorneys through a ton of court trials. It may seem like Lakshmi is living an easy, dreamy life, but this multi-millionaire has had her fair share of challenges. Yet, she remains a glamorous personality we would gladly look at all day.

Meghan Markle – Duchess of Sussex

An actress who can make a real prince fall in love with her is none other than Meghan Markle. It was not a surprise that Prince Harry fell for the unmistakable beauty of Markle, with or without any makeup on. Before their grand wedding, she made several appearances on TV, including the American legal drama Suits. Although Meghan is naturally beautiful, getting roles was a struggle due to her color. She said that people were confused because she wasn’t too black for black roles neither too white for white roles, which all ended in failed auditions. Her time came in 2011 when she was cast on the TV series Suits.

Six years after, the Prince of Wales announced Meghan’s engagement to his son Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex is now focusing on her royal duties, after her marriage in 2018 made controversial news. Her name was out and about in several online magazines, and most of her information was made available on Google, even her credit score. Truly, no princess can avoid the paparazzi.

Nene Leakes – Glee

Who can forget the super funny Roz Washington on the hit TV series Glee? This role is played by the reality television personality, actress Nene Leakes. This multi-talented artist is also an author, producer, and fashion designer. She is also one of the original cast members of the hit reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before her time in the limelight, Leakes ventured into different industries, like launching her clothing line in Home Shopping Network.

Two years after, Nene decided to create a one-woman comedy tour that took place in April 2014. Nene even working as an exotic dancer before getting her big break. She is seen by a lot of women as an inspiration, as she posts barefaced photos and videos on social media with no hesitation. Sometimes, she goes as far as appearing on TV with a fresh, clean face. This youthful beauty sets her ambitions higher and has no plans of going back to a life of personal loans and bankruptcy.

Kate Beckinsale – Underworld

Kate Beckinsale is a British actress who became famous for starring in numerous movies and television shows. Her most notable role is a character played in the Underworld, a series of horror action films. Beckinsale’s versatility landed her acting projects and shows across different genres. Because of her natural beauty, Kate was considered as an English rose in 2001 by the BBC.

Aside from her pretty face, she works with the British Heart Foundation since her father passed away due to a heart attack. The well-known thespian also emerged as a strong and determined young woman who is confident with or without makeup. Even with the unmistakable confidence to showcase her bare, natural beauty, there can only be positive comments for such an alluring face. Indeed, Kate is a real beauty who captured the heart of a 20-year old Pete Davidson. Since he’s already at legal age, there’s no need for lawyers in this couple’s relationship.

Kesha – Animal

Freckles are indeed beautiful and this is made true by singer-songwriter Kesha. With or without makeup, her lovely and innocent face is a bit different from her usual fierce on-screen appearances. You wouldn’t be able to recognize her without cake on, but she looks just as stunning. Before stardom, her family had difficulties supporting her and her brother. They struggled with paying off bills and personal loans. So, Kesha left high school to pursue a career in music and we all know this turned out well for the artist.

Thanks to her music career, she’s now making breakthroughs by working hard on her craft and looking undeniably attractive while she’s at it. With over 134 million records sold worldwide, multiple awards and nominations, Kesha was having the best days of her life. However, in 2014, Kesha suffered from an eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa. Fortunately, she survived the health problems that bright her close to God.

Nicole Kidman – Dead Calm

Nicole Kidman is an Academy Award-winning actress who doesn’t look like her age at all. The 53-year old actress is best known for her versatility as well as for her glamorous looks with or without makeup. Moulin Rouge!, Cold Mountain, The Hours, and Lion are some of the unforgettable movies she starred in. She first appeared under the limelight at the early age of 16 and even after three decades, her career is still shining bright. Throughout her career, Nicole has earned numerous awards including an Academy, Primetime Emmy, and Golden Globe.

Recently, The New York Times included her on the list of Greatest Actors of the 21st Century. Kidman is one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and well-regarded leading female stars. Her sense of style is truly remarkable in that she makes every red carpet moment her own. Every new female artist in the industry aspires to be her, and with the right investments, nothing’s impossible!

Charlize Theron – Monster

Distinguished for her best actress Academy Award for her performance as a real-life serial killer in Monster, Charlize Theron is one of the Hollywood actresses with ageless beauty. The icon started as a model and later transitioned as an actress where she earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Did you know she also ventured into producing films with her company Denver and Delilah Production and created numerous projects?

As the United Nations Messenger of Peace, Charlize has dedicated her time and effort to help women in children specifically in South Africa. Her unmistakable talent and beauty are one of the many reasons why her fan base is ever-growing. The actress’s look, whether it is in a shoot, film, TV show, or even after she just woke up, her looks will never disappoint. She made the right choice of spending her credit wisely on skincare products that gave her a youthful glow throughout the years. We need her beauty secrets!

Keira Knightley – Pirates of the Caribbean

Keira Knightley is a British actress known for starring in the film Pirates of the Caribbean, where she portrayed a fierce, courageous, and lavishly good-looking Elizabeth Swan. She also has won Oscar nominations for Pride & Prejudice and The Imitation Game. At the age of eight, she had already started appearing on the screen. Keira also participated in numerous campaigns to support human rights and raise awareness against domestic abuse. Along with other celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Jesse Eisenberg, she was featured in a video about the global refugee crisis to get support from the government.

The world watched her bloom from a sweet child star into a stunning leading Hollywood actress. Her unique beauty made her the face of Chanel and she was also a three-time Vogue cover girl. Keira’sinvestmentsin her regimen was a good decision for her. Now, she is one of the most successful and beautiful actresses of her generation.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Iron Man

We can all agree that Pepper Pots is a hottie, and it’s no wonder that Iron Man is head-over-heels for her. Gwyneth Paltrow, the woman behind the role, came from a family that was already known in the industry. Paltrow made her debut in a film directed by her father and was thereafter applauded for her film portrayals of intelligent and complex characters. It wasn’t long before she bagged her Academy Award.

Gwyneth also appeared as an admired style icon and lifestyle innovator among her fans. That’s why, in a one-hour zoom call with Dr. Anthony Fauci and other celebrities, they were asked to use their voice to encourage everyone in practicing proper precautions during this pandemic. Sure enough, she doesn’t need to have a finance degree to invest her net worth of $60 million in beauty products that will keep that natural beauty intact over the decades. There is no doubt about that because she can rock a light makeup-look even on the red carpet.

Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts

Carrie Underwood is an American country music performer who won the iconic competition aired on television, American Idol. After her win, Underwood boarded the multi-city American Idol tour and released her first hit single. All of her albums maintained her success as an artist and got her first Grammy along with Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. Throughout her career, she received multiple recognitions including a Guinness World Record, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Grand Ole Opry.

Carrie is an active supporter of the Stand Up to Cancer program where she went hand-to-hand with fellow singers like Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus to raise funds. Despite a hectic career schedule, this multi-award-winning musician never forgets to keep a fit and healthy body. She is frequently seen in the gym sweating off. Today, Carrie remains a beauty with a well-loved voice and she gives credit to her wholesome lifestyle for that.

Diane Kruger – Troy

Convinced by her friend to move from modeling to acting, Diane Kruger is known for her critically-acclaimed roles, including Helen of Sparta in Troy and Bridget von Hammersmark in Inglourious Basterds. She also starred in National Treasure with Nicholas Cage as Dr. Abigail Chase and work alongside Liam Neeson in the movie Unknown. At first, she was unsure of shifting careers, but her interest in acting turned into a concrete passion and made her an iconic figure in the industry.

Although she was busy getting roles in numerous films, Diane continues to be a model and became a global spokesmodel for L’Oreal in 2009. Kruger’s continuous success also gave way for the public to notice her glowing and flawless skin, which is why people love her. With a face that looks gorgeous, with or without makeup, we can truly say that her skincare investments are to be envied.

Naomi Watts – 21 Grams, Mulholland Drive, & The Impossible

Naomi Watts was best known for her performances in 21 Grams and The Impossible. It won her an Academy Award and many more commendations. Watts started as a model, but she had her career breakthrough as an actress. She is also known for her roles in the films Mulholland Drive, I Heart Huckabees, Birdman, and the popular American adaptation of the supernatural horror The Ring. This natural beauty has made a name for herself in the industry and remains one of the sought-for actresses in film and television.

Naomi became the goodwill ambassador for a charity that helps to inform about AIDS/HIV. Using her high profile as a celebrity, she spread awareness and seek help for fundraising. In addition, she collaborated with Sportscrafts to produce a variety of namesake coats in which a certain percentage of the sales will go straight to the children’s organization Barnardos. Truly, she’s a great investment to producers and directors, for her world-class acting skills give justice to any role.

Zoe Saldana – Avatar

Trained ballet dancer turned actress Zoe Saldana has been known to star in Avatar and other blockbuster films such as Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers. She started modestly as a theatre artist and made her way to stardom after years of diverse work. This black beauty was never picky about the roles she is offered as she had been doing great work in portraying roles across different genres of films.

Focus and passion for art have helped her play far-fetched roles. All of her hard works paid off when she received a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018. Her fans should watch out because the must-awaited sequel for Avatar will happen soon. Apart from that, Saldana has her line of fragrances and clothing, where she used most of her savings. Let’s hope that this talented, wise, and stunning woman continues to step on the gas and inspire women to succeed.

Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

We all know the iconic Gloria from the American sitcom Modern Family. This role was played by none other than actress-comedienne Sofia Vergara, who was once nominated for an Emmy Award. Vergara has also starred in unforgettable films like Hot Pursuit and Happy Feet Two, to name a few. Her beauty was first discovered in a Pepsi commercial which later landed her roles in other projects.

Sofia became the face of CoverGirl in 2011 and was featured in its advertisements. After that, she was offered numerous commercial contracts including Pepsi, Head & Shoulders, and Synthroid. Her latest project this year was to be part of the judges on America’s Got Talent for its 15th season. With or without makeup on, her beauty is certainly one to behold. With all the success going on for her because of her talent and beauty, Sofia is likely to need help from a financial advisor soon.

Kate Upton – The Other Woman

Astounding actress and supermodel Kate Uptown claimed her spot in the limelight with her seductive figure and gorgeous face. Appearing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue countless times, she’s widely known for embellishing the covers of prestigious magazines. She worked in multiple campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Betsey Johnson, and more. It also not a surprise that Kate was on the list for Maxim’s Hot 100 and was named as the Model of the Year at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in 2013.

This goal-oriented woman has a thirst for achieving the best, as seen in how she has been thriving in her career and personal life. Apart from her eye-catching covers, Kate’s provocative dancing videos are a hit on social media.  With an undeniable appeal and beauty, she truly is deserving of her title as Woman of Summer. It seems that the Layover actress is shooing away bankruptcy lawyers for now!

Kim Kardashian – Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The queen of selfies Kim Kardashian is making a name for herself for how she built her empire. With her makeup and bikini line alongside her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the businesswoman proves why she deserves the success she’s enjoying today. Now married to Kanye West, who is a famous rapper in the music industry, Kardashian continues to wow us with her stylish and glamorous appearances in various Hollywood events.

She was included on the list of 100 Most Influential People and the Highest-Paid Reality TV Star in 2015. But if you think that Kim K is just all about glitz and glam, well you’re wrong. According to Vogue magazine, she is reading the law in the hopes to pass the board and maybe become a lawyer. With all going on for her, even as she is now a mother of three, Kardashian remains a fresh beauty with a glow that comes even without using her makeup line.

Adele – Skyfall

With a voice that everyone loved, Adele is one of today’s most beautiful and influential artists. Her confidence is unapologetic and she has proven countless times that clothing size does not define beauty. This Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter has been claiming the spotlight since she entered the industry. Her soulful sound help propel her career, with hits like Hello, Rolling In The Deep, and Someone Like You.

She is one of the World’s Best-Selling Music Artist with over 120 million records sold over the world. Another studio album was supposed to be out last February but later delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live last October, everyone was shocked by her body transformation. Adele showed and flaunted her new fit body, where she made heads turn and jaws drop. Still, plus size or not, we’re sure that Adele’s timeless beauty and success be her investments for a better future.

Lady Gaga – The Fame

Lady Gaga is a true icon in the music industry. From her outrageous performances to distinctive music, she is a personality that everyone knows. In all her appearances, Lady Gaga put on  caked-on makeup, so it was a shocker when she posted a selfie of her bare face. She has always been known to advocate for beauty and she showed this through songs such as Born This Way. Every album of Lady Gaga hit the top spot on the US Billboard Chart and results in over 120 million records sold worldwide.

With or without makeup, Lady Gaga’s flawless face is lovely to look at. We wouldn’t be surprised if insurance companies provide cover to her lovely face. We all want to keep that face and figure protected. But behind her image as Lady Gaga, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is an activist for raising mental health awareness and fighting for LGBT rights. She also founded an organization that focuses on youth empowerment, prevention against bullying, and improving mental issues.

Kylie Jenner – Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner isn’t afraid to flaunt her natural beauty offline and online. The CEO and Founder of Kylie Cosmetics look fresh and youthful with her freckles on as she posted a selfie of her bare face on Instagram. This American media personality starred in the E! reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians since her younger years, where she gained her popularity and fame from. Now, Jenner is a mother to a beautiful baby girl, Stormi, and living the life of a true boss with a makeup empire.

In 2019, Jenner collaborated with her sisters Kim’s KKW Beauty and Khloe’s KoKo Collection. Aside from her cosmetic line, Kylie also launched Kylie Skin that features facial washes, skin moisturizers, and body scrubs. With a net worth of $1 billion, Jenner’s bound to sit down and do more investment planning sessions soon. Kylie didn’t forget to help and gave $1 million for the Australia bushfires and donated another million for health workers that are battling the pandemic.

Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model

Iconic ex-supermodel Tyra Banks is a personality we all loved from the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. With or without makeup, she wowed everyone with her unmistakable beauty. Apart from her gig as a model fairy godmother, Banks is also a producer, businesswoman, author, and occasional singer. She made appearances in other projects throughout her career, such as Coyote Ugly and Tropic Thunder.

On top of that, Tyra is the author of the book titled Modelland that top the list of The New York Times Best Seller in 2011. She’s also one of the few African American that was recognized as one of the Most Influential People by Time magazine. Now at 47 years old, legendary Supermodel Tyra Banks continues to take on many projects while juggling motherhood and maintaining a household. Her drive to keep her success, along with her net worth of $90 million, is surely attracting insurance companies.

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